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  1. The point is though is that those different outcomes are based on pure speculation. I don't think it is the job of Football Manager to determine the effects of Brexit based on such speculation. It's far too complex of a narrative to implement realistically and I feel it would be more rational to implement the effects of Brexit on the game when that time actually comes in real life. It's a PR stunt, I get it.
  2. You're making a system that doesn't exist in real life a fundamental part of a game that is supposed to be realistic. Baffling really.
  3. Incredibly moronic decision to put this in the game considering such a system does not exist in England as of today and you don't even know if this is the way things are going to work in the future. Smells like a political statement or a cheap marketing gimmick to mask the fact you've barely changed anything.
  4. Have you thought about increasing the cycle? Instead of releasing a game every year, how about 2 or even 3? You could maybe release a once yearly £10-15 DLC for any new updates and spend some real time taking the game to the next level.
  5. Haha I already do this, or create a manager from an old player who maybe isn't on the game, and retire the originals if they are already in the game. I have no idea how graphics and games are made, and I was being sarcastic regarding quantum computing lol.. but with my limited knowledge I made the post with the assumption that for some reason it is not a simple case of recruiting loads of talented designers and getting them to work, due to the complexities & variables of the match engine and applying next-gen graphics to it - I don't know how much of a task this is in 2016.. how much time it would take, how many people it would need? Also this idea of great quality graphics would make the 3D engine unplayable for many people who play on old machines and your average laptop, which makes up a large base of users. So it kind of comes something that doesn't appeal to most of the audience and not worth putting the effort/cost into and it would have to be very well optimised. Maybe I will not buy FM for 50 years, maybe then we can go into the dug out and shout at our players
  6. Doesn't make much sense though, if you have great new features wouldn't you just market them?
  7. I personally think spending so long on the 3D engine is a waste of time since it is going to always be limited and look unrealistic barring some great technological leap with quantum computing. Just keep it how it is and STOP.. it is a time wasting exercise because the developments aren't that great with it year on yea - for one the animations still look terrible, but the graphics themselves look a bit better. You should spend longer making the core of the game realistic, and much less time on interface.
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