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  1. Then I see the league table but i want to see it always in the screenshot i have showed u guys. I dont want to press "Updates" to see the league table..... Kinda annoying
  2. Still cannot find out how i can see the league table during a game. Maybe if i have my game in english u can understand better? I will post a picture with english.
  3. My english is not the best. But in FM18 you could see the league table during an ongoing game, is that not possible anymore? Kind regards.
  4. kinali9

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Thanks for the Reply! I think i will go with Fiorentina since zlatanera has helped me alot via private message with a lot of questions i had haha!
  5. kinali9

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    No one answered me on this one But did Atalanta, Sampdoria and Lazio do bad transfers in january or not? Thinking of playing with either old database or new.
  6. kinali9

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Sorry about the ****ed up post upwards. Anyone could help me why i would choose to play with either Fiorentina, Atalanta or Sampdoria? Thanks.
  7. kinali9

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Hello guys! Nice reading in this thread i must say! My question is, I have not played with an Serie A team for a long time. I am thinking to play with either: Fiorentina, Atalanta, Lazio, Roma, Napoli, Sampdoria and maybe even Inter.. Could anyone help me decide? Like, why I would choose for example Fiorentina or Lazio and so on and forth. Or maybe any other team in the league someone suggest is fun to play with would be okay too. Would be really appreciated!