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    Apparently 30-year old unemployed Dutch bartender Waldy Waldy is Hampton and Richmond Boroughs new manager. Waldy showed up at The Beavers training ground with a handwritten 1 year contract on the back of a 650 euro bar tab, signed by both chairman Steve McPherson and himself. McPherson was quoted as saying: "The contract seems to be legally binding, even if I do not remember signing it nor meeting mister Waldy."

    The Beavers new manager reportedly said: "Challenge accepted!", before going into the nearest pub he could find for a nice refreshing pint of lager.

  2. Tactics section might be your best bet on some decent advice.

    However I'll give you my two cents for what it's worth.

    I found that playing a 3-5-2 wingback formation like yours made me vulnerable in transitions from attack to defense and vice versa. When I started to play a flt 3 in center midfield with one deep lying playmaker flanked by two box2box midfielders I almost always outnumbered my opponents in both attacking and defending phases of play.

  3. Doesn't sound good at all. Do admit a lot of managerial changes do happen and some strange appointments as well. For instance I once had a saved game that saw Martin Jol get the England job even though he hadnt done anything spectacular in club jobs.

    To be fair, Martin Jol is well known for preforming above expectations with lesser quality squads, while he seems to struggle managing better sides. Going on that he would be the perfect man for the England job ;p

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