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  1. Great challenge bringing back all the big boys! How the hell did you afford sneijder hes on a 650k a month contract on my save?
  2. Good tips! Please try to refrain from posting CA and PA though (just add a spoiler bar thingie!). Eriksen is ripping up defences on AML for me halfway through season three. 7.6 average rating as an inside forward, with long shots on rarely and play through balls on often he's allmost on 1 assist a match!
  3. End of season two. And keeping all key players payed off! Brought the cup with the big ears back where it belongs! Beating Dinamo Kiev, Lyon and Milan (5-0 on aggregate winning 0-3 at San Siro)allong the way we met Barcelona in the final. After a game wich gave me about three heart attacks (and the first game of the season we actually deserved to lose) we managed to sneak a win from a Mascherano own goal folllowing a magistral solo by El Hamdaoui. Won the league undefeated and 18 points clear. Only downside was the 1-0 loss to Groningen in the cup final after fielding a ''b-squad'' because the game was played inbetween the semi-final legs with Milan. Champions League winning squad at the end of the seccond season: Afellay and Sakho are comming in at the start of the transer window and nobody's seems to be unhappy (yet). Am I looking at another dynasty in world Football??
  4. Will be upped to 15 confirmed by dutch researcher
  5. I renegotiated new contracts with pretty much all my key players first day on the job. I get an occasional player that is wanted and wants to move to a bigger club, but up till now (I'm at he end of my first season and did 2 seasons my first game) I managed to talk them out of it by telling them 'I believe the club can grow and I want them to be a part of it'. So far all has gone my way and nobody's unhappy yet (It costs me a smaal fortune in wages and sign-on fees but I feel I can't buy the same quality if I sell my key players, plus I've got this weird tick where I want to have most of my team comming from the country I manage in). Also I always set reasonably high asking prices for all my key players wich prevents a lot of bids. Check my squad end of first season (won Erediviesie clear by 10 points, won Dutch Cup beating FC Utrecht 2-1 in the final and managed to outlive the group stage in a group with Milaan and Benfica onlt to be kicked out of the last 16 by Lyon). As you can see a couple of players wanted by other clubs but all key players are still here and happy!
  6. I guess i was wrong It is possible (just happened to eriksen on my game he is now a natural AML as well. But I dont think it can happen to any player in any position. It's probably got a lot to do with hidden stats, versatility being the most importent one. Also I think the age of the player might have something to do with it. But then again I'm just speculating here
  7. Can go all the way up to accomplished but wil never become natural
  8. Every player has a report tab in their profile wich states yous Ass Man's assessment of that players current and potential ability, both rated 1-5 stars compared to your best player in that positions (Wich means that a player that gets 5 star potential at a small club e.g. FC Almere City, might only get 2 or 2,5 star potential ablility when he's at Ajax for example). You can also check Assistent Report on the view menu when you're on the U-19's squad screen (or any of your squad screens for that matter) wich will show the current and potential ability of all players in that squad. Their personal reports are more detailed though and might also give away some information on hidden attributes...
  9. I signed dufour at wat I thought was the start of the seccond season. Then when I confirm he apparently had also signed a loan deal with leverkussen at the same time. So he goes on a season loan to germany, and I'm thinking I messed up, too bad, I'll sign him at the end of the season. What happened next really puzzeled me. At the end of the season his loan ends, and he signes. But instead of being on the contract I offered him his wages say N/A. Although he is on my club he doesn't have a contract, and when I offered him a new one he 'took it in consideration' but after 1,5 month he still hadn't signed.
  10. I'm only halway my first season :-s. I had to start over after my save game became messed up at the end of the second season due to a transfer bug.
  11. Yup ther is a competetive league, on my save first game is played on the 14th of august. There's also a U-19's cup
  12. On another note I just have to show of my new newgen centre back. I had to start over my game due to some sh*tty transfer bug I encoutered at the start of my third season, needless to say i was pretty ****ed. Finding this lad in my U-19's really brightened up my day though. So without further ado I proudly present to you my favourite new younster: ROBERT BURHENNE
  13. Fazio is usually transfer listed at the start so you can pick him up for about 600k, good strong central defender. If you want to go for a prospect check out Gale Agbossoumonde (nicked that one off helegoed ). For good left backs: they're kinda thinly spread. I kept Anita as back-up and he's performing reasonably well there, but for me personnaly, I'm still looking for a decent left back and are yet to fin him...
  14. I cant'stress enough how crucial it is to renegotiate the contracts of all the players you intend to keep you first day on the job . I managed tokeep van der wiel, vertonghen, stekelenburg, actually the lot... Nobody unhappy and all still here halfway through second season. If you give them good contracts right from the start and make sure to reasure them immediately when they start to whine about leaving to another club, you should be able to keep em around...
  15. Standard 4-2-3-1 is working out great for me. Eriksen shreds through defenses as an AML inside forward and it seems to get the best out of suarz and el Hamdaoui having them switch positions between AMR and ST.
  16. You can download the retain players file at the link i posted in my last reply (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/107091-The-ultimate-retain-players-file). It loads a database up to over a 100,000 players so it wil make your game significantly slower. I've got a pretty decent pc and like to run my game as realistic as posible so i load up all nations apart from some asian ones (india, hon kong, singapore, idonesia (you get my drift), keep china though, good for commercial feeder clubs ). I run most leagues at view-only, wich helps with the speed, apart from about 10-15 countries I see myself managing sometimes in my career. The retain players file makes sure all teams are completely filled even if the league they are in is on view-only (plus it makes sure of a good suply of new newgens at those clubs). I've got about 125,000 going I think and it runs smooth enough for me
  17. Interesting fomation! Mind posting how that worked out for you after a season? Good buisness getting Bruma, but why torric, just scouted him but doesnt look to good tbh.
  18. Ajax thread - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/233734-FM11-Official-AFC-Ajax-thread-Let-s-get-that-third-star!
  19. I play with virtualy every league loaded and the ultimate retain players file (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/107091-The-ultimate-retain-players-file).
  20. Yup, all new staff, coaches, physios and scouts. Only kept Blind, cause he's a pretty decent ass man; and Kwakman as a youth coach, he's great. O yeah and Murhen, v.d. Zee and Olsen as scouts.
  21. Was listed for transfer on mine asking price 625k eventually snapped him up for 500k just before the end of the transfer window.
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