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  1. I would like to take the Ajax thread if that's okay. Did it for fm 12, skipped last year because I was too busy working. This year I've got some more time on my hand.
  2. Awesome! Never miss up an opportunity to make a Catch 22 reference!
  3. GK Igor Akinfeev DR Cafu DC Mamadou Sakho DL Bixente Lizerazu MR Kennedy Barkicioglu MC Sherdan Cardenas ML Arjen Robben ST Peter Prospar (hounorable mention fot Anatoli Todorov)
  4. To be fair, Martin Jol is well known for preforming above expectations with lesser quality squads, while he seems to struggle managing better sides. Going on that he would be the perfect man for the England job ;p
  5. I just had a brainfart. Maybe this has been said already but how a about a mobile app that allows you to tinker tactics, set pieces etc. So instead of just thinking about it all day you could fool around creating different tactis while on the can, in the train or at work....
  6. I´ve been wanting for years now to be able to make my ball playing defender dribble into the midfield. Like Vertonghen used to do at Ajax and still occasionally does at Spur
  7. Thiago Motta played for both brazil and Italy. I think I've read somewhere that when you have dual nationalities and havn't played for you country for 5 years you're allowed to switch associations?
  8. dude.... the only reason i can think of that merits an ignorant statement like that is that you're probablytoo young to have ever seen San Marco play. Rooney isn't good enough to polish his freakin shoes.
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