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  1. 7 minutes ago, looping said:

    As a consequence, when I play against a team with 3 central midfielders, most of the times,  I can't use my initial tactic (442)? Is that right? 

    I  am by know means an FM expert, so please don't take my advice at face value. That being said, my experience is that superior numbers in midfield go a long way.

    As all things FM, it is mostly contextual. It depends on the opponent and the way they play. Against weaker teams or teams that don't favor possession a 442 might very well work. Better teams that like to play attacking/possession football will have a field day with an extra man in midfield, especially if you close down more.



  2. 1 hour ago, CybrSlydr said:

    I got the tactic from here - http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-16-tactics/357702-classic-gold-plug-play-16-3-a.html

    I modified it a bit role-wise, but mostly left the tactic and TIs alone - and I never bother with the OIs.  I leave that to coaches.  It's served me quite well and I figured if it wasn't broken, don't fix it.

    You should change the thread title form "This game is rigged" to "I tried to rig this game but it isn't working".

  3. 1 minute ago, looping said:

    If I tell one of my strikers to man mark Iturraspe, would produce the same effect? I don't want to change my formation because my attacking style would be modified.


    Hard to tell from here as FM is a game of trial and error, at least to me. You could try it and see if it works, personally I am not a big fan of man marking players out of position though. The striker marking Iturraspe might very well have trouble getting back in position on time. My guess is playing a SS in the AM option will solve the Iturraspe problem and going forward it would look more like a actual 442 while a 442 on paper with a Striker dropping deep to mark a holding midfielder will look more like a 4411 going forward, if that makes sense.

  4. First off: excellent thread.

    Looking at that last match: Your analysis seems spot on.


    There's a number of things i would consider doing.

    Changing to fluid or very fluid is an option. It would decrease space between the lines and in a perfect world that would lead to your cb's marking their ST and AM while your CM's would mark Rico and Iturraspe. Alternatively you could push up further to achieve the same thing, a viable option since Aduriz doesn't have the speed to profit from space left behind your back line. Then again, personally I don't like fiddling with the team shape setting and playing one-on-one at the back or pushing up higher does come with added risk, especially in an away game.

    I think I would probably choose to drop one of my strikers to the AM slot to even up numbers in midfield. Disrupting Iturraspe in the holding midfield role seems the key to victory imo, if you don't deal with him he will keep recycling possession until they finally create a 2 against one situation or one of your players fails to mark his man correctly.

    My two cents anyway

  5. I always run 1 or 2 games a year on FMT. Mostly to try out different tactical setups since FMT doesn't include tactical familiarity.

    Always go full fat for my main saves though. FMT has no tactical familiarity, no tutoring, a stripped down staff module and no way to edit the db. What really prevents me from really getting into it though is the mentioning of paid add-on stuff in the news items.  Nothing breaks immersion like a ''purchase magic sponge" button...

  6. 343 DM Wide

    A bit of a delayed start from me as I have been out of the running this weekend with kidney stones.

    I consider myself a fairly attacking manager so the 343 DM Wide was a nice change of pace form the fairly top heavy formations I usually use.


    So when starting out I was thinking that if we do have 8 men behind the ball most of the time, defending would have to be our bread and butter. So out went a bunch of dead wood to raise some very necessary cash which was immediately converted in two very solid South American center backs. Correa came in on loan to add some much needed technique and speed up front.

    The roles haven't changed from the start so I'll begin with that.

    Mammana and Alvarez form the defense with the experienced captain Perrin in cover slightly behind them. On the wings I like to play both an attacking and a support player. An IFS and WBA on one side which creates some much needed linkup play and a Raumdeuter on the other side to support (and hopefully bomb past) the CFS up front. Behind him a WB on support to compensate for the very attacking role in front of him. In center midfield a DM support to enforce the "weak" side of the defense on the WB attack side and a Roaming playmaker to exploit the massive gap between the front three and the rest of the pack.


    Initially the idea was to keep things as simple as possible. Tactical instructions were kept at a minimum: look for overlap and play fairly wide since if we were going to attack and create superior numbers going forward it would have to be over the wings due to the lack of offensive central players. I am usually apprehensive to increase width, but with three at the back and 4 in front of them I figured I could get away with it. Lastly I added play out of defense because we lack aerial presence up front, so playing it long would most likely lead nowhere. I thought about pushing up further, but having some of the worst decision making in the league I didn't feel comfortable playing with large amounts of space in our backs. Besides, the general idea was to let the opposition run into an impenetrable wall and react from there. Instead I switched to very fluid to decrease space between attack and defense. Mentality at standard, I can always go more attacking in match when behind.

    After a couple of friendlies I realized that while I was okay with having less possession and shots than my opponents we just weren't winning enough balls back. So I added closing down more and use tighter marking (yes, I too have been reading Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s excellent thread), and things started to click. The closing down forced opponents to play the forward ball quicker and my tight marking superior numbers in the back mob it up.

    Essentially my formation is a 343 with ball and a 523 without it:



    So how does it all work out? Pretty damn well!


    It was almost September before we conceded out first goal. But when it rains it pours, more on that a bit later. In general there are not a lot of shots on either side. The Toulouse match is a pretty good example:


    Like most matches everything seems pretty equal. The one thing that differs almost always between me and my opponents is the amount of shots on target. The sheer amounts of bodies between the ball and the goal, combined with the closing down and tight marking make sure my opponents rarely hit the target. Which is very pleasing indeed. Going forward on the other hand we look great on occasion, stretching the play with the wing backs and creating some good chances.

    Lastly the 0-3 Lorient loss:


    As you can see things are not as bad as the scoreline suggests. We created enough but struggled with their 442. Their 2 strikers seemed to be able to find space in between the back three and I didn't have a direct answer for that without changing formation. 3 at the back is something I haven't done in years so any pointers are welcome!

    Anyway these are my early findings. I am having much more fun than I thought I would have with such a defensive formation, and things are looking good, especially considering tactical familiarity is still not 100%. I'll wait for that to happen and then maybe tweak some more and start adding some individual TI's.

    As I am writing this I occasionally drop to the floor screaming in agony because of these damn kidney stones, so if everything seems a bit incoherent I apologize.

    Lastly, this save brought me my quickest hattrick ever, so please indulge me while I gloat a bit...


  7. Ah good spot. One thing i did not do was check that the list of default formations had not changed since last year (Clearly it has!)

    So yes, the 343 Diamond wide appears to have been replaced by 343 DM wide (and if someone can explain the logic in that change.......fire in.....). So you are landed with that, by default im afraid!


    I better start looking for defensive players in that case.

  8. Ok, first batch put through the randomator (it really needs a better name.......)

    Craigus89 - 352

    Repsalty - 4321 Narrow

    Bluescreen 433 Narrow

    2calvin -4123 DM narrow

    Fosse - 5122 DM narrow

    WaldyWaldy - 343 Diamond Wide

    yau - 41311 DM Narrow

    Barside - 4222 DM Narrow

    HaroldHammond - 5122 Sweeper DM WB

    Herne79 - 541

    Jambo98 - 5212 Sweeper WB

    Some um.....interesting ones in there!

    jimmeth1985 and summatsupper - You didnt seem to 100% confirm you wanted to play so i havent drawn you a tactic. Just shout if you do want to join.

    Bit confused about my formation as it doesn't seem to be among the preset formations. Did you mean 343 DM wide instead of 343 diamond wide? As that one is listed as a preset formation but not on your list.

  9. Like the doc said, you desperatley need a runner in your midfield to bomb past your F9. I am guessing your APa and F9 mostely operate in the same space. Against a defensive side you should try to have more creativity in the cm/dm strata. I would probably also go with another attacking wing back too. Try changing your APa to a RPs and your CMd to a CMa. And than maybe a DMd or Anchorman to cover for the full back positions and mop up clearences.

    My 2 cents anyway.

  10. DDM while important, for me, is only useful for coaching..

    For an ass man I look for man management and JA/JP ..

    For my Swansea side for instance, I could find no-one interested with 15 in each.

    Jan Olde Riekerink has been my go to guy for the last coupleof editions. Great JA/JP, DDM and working with youngsters. Man management 14 and tactically sound. Plus he will sign for low wages and no fee.

    edit: beaten to it lol

  11. Tbh I don't see that happening irl.

    But, if I were to try this in game, I'd probably go with some PPMs such as "runs with ball through centre" and "dictates tempo", along with a "dribble more" PI.

    Happens quite often irl. It's become an integral part of the dutch school of football. Jan Vertonghen was famous for it when he played for Ajax and is starting to do it more and more for spurs. You see Blind and Samlling doing it a lot under van Gaal. etc

    Unfortunately it's been very hard (if not impossible) to create in the match engine, specifically getting your central defenders to dribble into midfield.

  12. Thanks Ty...

    Also.. to stop people asking...

    Odegaard isn't in the game folks

    Although saying that... first thing I did on the editor...


    Looks awesome. Would you mind uploading yours to the steam workshop or posting the hidden data over here so we could replicate? I really want to add him to my first serious game, but adding him myself via the editor would kind of feel like cheating. Plus I feel I haven't seen enough of him in action to replicate him myself anyway. Would be much appreciated.

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