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  1. Anyone solve the anagram on Miles twitter yet? All I got so far is flashbacks to those illegible anti piracy codes SI used to print on the back of their manuals edit: dynamic ltefsrn1fa? that 1 is really screwing with my head and my hangover is not helping at all
  2. You should change the thread title form "This game is rigged" to "I tried to rig this game but it isn't working".
  3. Downloaded just for laughs. 15 TI's, a bunch of pre set OI's, there's way to much variables going on to say something intelligent about this. Changed to 3 TI's and dropped all the OI's, played 2-2 fairly easily.
  4. I am really digging the way your personal assistant has a more prominent role in this years version. Am I correct in assuming FM 17 doesn't do female facegen?
  5. I am absolutely loving the data analyst camera angle. Assuming that is new, if not I have been missing out.
  6. I'm probably missing something obvious, but any way to edit your manager before starting a new game? I skipped over to load a quick game to browse around a bit and now I can't seem to find the option before starting my first serious save
  7. Awesome! Never miss up an opportunity to make a Catch 22 reference!
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