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  1. Great read as always. Got two episodes left which I'll dive in tomorrow. Can't wait.


    1 hour ago, looping said:

    The best club in Football history is Madrid.

    Cruyff is more a myth than anything. Cules had to suffer him and his stupid decisions based on his vanity. He tried to win LaLiga with his soon and his son-in-law among other superstars like Escaich, Sanchez Jara or Oscar Arpon. 

    Great mind, too much vanity and his results... And Guardiola.. How many things under the hood... Barcelona is extremely related to politics and a lot of information is lost due to this circumstance.

    That's not the discussion so I'll better shut up. Not my intention to hijack this thread, I just wanted to provide some context.



  2. Dolberg is very similar to Bergkamp when he was young and has bags of potential (mind you, Bergkamp in his younger days was a very different type of player than the one people remember from his late Arsenal days). Personally I think style wise he is the closest thing to Bergkamp I have seen at Ajax since, well Dennis Bergkamp.

    Henry is a bit easier as he has a less distinctive style, Ihenacho, Martial, Keita, either Dembele at Celtic or Dembele at Dortmund. Maybe Iwobi, with a bit of time, can get there.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Welshace said:

    As has been said... the 'cpu' only uses the same tools as the user does, and certainly doesn't distinguish between you and any other AI controlled opposition.. It's just a case of the manager using a tactic that that works...


    What you probably should be asking yourself is why the majority of your shots are off target... are they all from odd angles? all pot shots with no quality build up? etc


    Anything below 40% on target would worry me. Under 35% like TS would make me reconsider everything I know about this game.

  4. 36 minutes ago, facman said:

    I miss reading the manual on the bus on the way home after buying a game from a shop :)

    Came here to post this.

    I've pretty much given up on buying boxed games. I hate how everything is becoming digital though. I hope to god they don't stop making physical books.

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