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  1. Basque Country consists of 7 provinces, 3 in France, 4 in Spain (Navarre included).
  2. Found it. Hidden behind a smudge on my filthy filthy laptop screen
  3. https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/911297172292947968 I believe this is the first one
  4. Anyone solve the anagram on Miles twitter yet? All I got so far is flashbacks to those illegible anti piracy codes SI used to print on the back of their manuals edit: dynamic ltefsrn1fa? that 1 is really screwing with my head and my hangover is not helping at all
  5. I'll take a less common formation if possible. If I end up with 3 or 5 at the back I'm calling shenanigans on the draw though
  6. In! Sassuolo or Mainz have my preference, but I'm good either way. I'm just hoping I end up with a semi-reasonable formation this year
  7. Italy sounds like fun, Sassuolo and Fiorentina are both pretty decent teams
  8. I'd be down for another round to kill the time until .3 drops
  9. Great read as always. Got two episodes left which I'll dive in tomorrow. Can't wait.
  10. Dolberg is very similar to Bergkamp when he was young and has bags of potential (mind you, Bergkamp in his younger days was a very different type of player than the one people remember from his late Arsenal days). Personally I think style wise he is the closest thing to Bergkamp I have seen at Ajax since, well Dennis Bergkamp. Henry is a bit easier as he has a less distinctive style, Ihenacho, Martial, Keita, either Dembele at Celtic or Dembele at Dortmund. Maybe Iwobi, with a bit of time, can get there.
  11. Maybe try switching to windowed or max borderless windowed?
  12. Used to be Feyenoord, but they have struggled so bad irl for the past decade I occasionally throw them a pitty loan. These days PSV is the main club I refuse to do business with. Still waiting on the day they relegate in one of my games. That would be the perfect desktop background
  13. This. Anything below 40% on target would worry me. Under 35% like TS would make me reconsider everything I know about this game.
  14. Came here to post this. I've pretty much given up on buying boxed games. I hate how everything is becoming digital though. I hope to god they don't stop making physical books.
  15. I am by know means an FM expert, so please don't take my advice at face value. That being said, my experience is that superior numbers in midfield go a long way. As all things FM, it is mostly contextual. It depends on the opponent and the way they play. Against weaker teams or teams that don't favor possession a 442 might very well work. Better teams that like to play attacking/possession football will have a field day with an extra man in midfield, especially if you close down more.
  16. You should change the thread title form "This game is rigged" to "I tried to rig this game but it isn't working".
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