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  1. I'm not sure what to make of this game anymore, it just doesn't seem to make sense at all Leeds v Wolves.pkm
  2. I think you just try to make another bid for the player and there should be an option on the left hand side that says: As this would be an important transfer for the club, it might be appropriate to ask the board to negotiate the transfer for you Don't recall ever seeing the news item though
  3. In the scouting priorities section drop down menu there are several debug options. Some show CA. Surely a bug?
  4. I hope you have a change of heart on this I've always enjoyed an appreciated your thoughts and insights when it comes to the game
  5. Just got home and saw the quick fix Thank you and well done lads, that was way quicker than I hoped Time to dig in!
  6. Which I appreciate, but that was not really what I meant. I currently have a squad full of u-17 European Champions that have the determination of a cucumber. Im not even talking 5-10, but 1's and 2's accross the board on some of the biggest talents of their generation. I know nothing about software development at all, so I'm assuming that this is hard to fix, otherwise it would have been rectified by now. Which is a shame really Hoping for a relatively quick patch/fix so I can dive in and really enjoy the game this year
  7. Determination bug really keeping me from starting a long term save Developing youth players is where it's at for me when playing fm. I was really excited about the new Playing Time Pathway and Dev. Centre features, but two youth squads full of kids that implode at the mere thought of a setback makes it hard to retain that excitement. Kind of a bummer to be honest
  8. Evandro Roncatto used to score 10 or 15 a season like that for me. Mind you, this was in the pre 3D engine days. Don't remember the version, but some missed shots had so much bend on 'em that they would go over the side lines.
  9. Anybody seeing links/partnerships forming between players? Start of season 2 and yet to see a single one dispite playing the same 11 almost every match
  10. I'd love for this to be added at some point. The ability to swap roles the same way we are already able to swap positions. This could work for fullbacks, but also for central defenders alternating stopper/cover roles, midfield duos alternating holding roles with bombing forward. Having wingers taking turns stretching play and/or coming inside. All sorts of options for striking partnerships.
  11. They seem to have retracted the tweet though... If so this would be the first feature revealed that really gets me excited if implemented well.
  12. Just won Golden Boy for me in his second season at HSV. 13 goals in 14 apps in the Bundesliga so far
  13. In the Units screen in the new training module the goalkeeping unit takes up waaaaaay to much of the screen. Most people will have 2 or 3 GKs max and this way I'll have to use a scroll bar to go through my defensive unit which might hold 10-20 players
  14. Played for a couple hours First impression very good. Training looks interesting af but quite overwhelming. I bet that once Rashidi drops his guide things will start to fall in place and I'll probably spend a lot of time playing around with it. Same goes for the new mentoring system. Was sceptical about the purple at first but apart from the gf saying purple and red is an absolute no-no every time she walks by I don't even notice anymore and it does seem easy on the eyes. Match engine looks great so far, slightly cross heavy here but that is part
  15. So, what's everybody having for dinner? Reheated Thai food from yesterday here. Opening a bottle of wine to make time pass more quickly.
  16. Basque Country consists of 7 provinces, 3 in France, 4 in Spain (Navarre included).
  17. Found it. Hidden behind a smudge on my filthy filthy laptop screen
  18. https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/911297172292947968 I believe this is the first one
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