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  1. 4222 Tweak test season with man utd (patch 12.2.2)

    League Table

    I would just like to add that I lost one of those losses and drew one of those draws towards the very end of the season. I literally was just picking players to get their appearances up so they wouldn't complain- so this was mainly second team players. With 35 games to go I had lost 2 drawn 1 and won 32.


    Player Stats

    The tactic still scores the same amount of goals as it did on the patch it was intended for, but as you can see it relies upon the corner tactic to unlock a game every once in a while. Admittedly the strikers scored about 10-15 less than they did on the last patch with this tactic, but still I cant complain.


    Squad Screen


    Where to download tactics?

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