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  1. FC Jazz - The End The start of season two wasn't that bad After this start we picked up only four more points and lost six games on a row. A negative club record. My postion was from the beginning insecure, because the board expect nothing more than a save mid table result. After 2/3 of the competition we are eight points behind and the only reason that I wasn't fired is that is was to expensive. So I did the only thing I could do and resign. This is the end of my first attempt, maybe I'll be back. Good luck guys and I'll following this thread with great interest.
  2. FC Jazz - Preseason - 2015 Tursas is an going to be my first leftback and Alho is a young midfielder who can play as a DM and he'll also start. The Räisänen transfer to HJK was a big lost but we simply couldn't hold him at Jazz. After a good pre-season the Cup was a disappointment. After winning a penalty shoot out with 19-18 we lost in de fifth round against a non-leaguer. A terrible first half, was followed by a good second but we lost now just before the penalty shoots. So we couldn't improve or result of last year. JäPS lost in de seventh round after extra time against Veikkausliiga team Honka. The aim is to play a safe season in the Ykkönen with no problems to avoid relegation.
  3. Taunton - Great results in the Ukraine! Good progress. Gundo - Unlucky you couldn't make it to the top. Just one step and promotion is there! Miniesta - Good luck in Bulgaria, to bad that Slovenia didn't work out.
  4. FC Jazz - Season 2014 - Review League: 8th (positions) Yes! A excellent run of six matches with just on lost got us on a save spot. With some luck we had finish just a bit higher, but I don't care. Cup: Fixtures A short run after losing against Veikkausliiga team KuPS. We played a good match but we weren't good enough. A non leaguer won the cup, so the are opportunities! Squad: Stats Key players: Paatelainen: Top scorer with 7 goals. Granholm: 16-year midfielder with the highest average. Räisänen: Best player, HJK is after him. Has to bring us in black numbers. Finances: Balance Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe | Top scorer -------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 | Ykkönen | 8[size=1]th[/size] | 5.rnd | N/A | Paatelainen (7)
  5. FC Jazz - Season 2014 - Part II We have to focus at the 8th position. The gap between us and OPS & Kemi seems to big. With three wins in the past nine games we performed good. The points were taken against Jippi, Oulu & Vikkingit. The matches against OPS and JJK (click) were very disappointing. After visiting Ilves we got two essential games at home against OPS & Jippo. Six point are necessarily! Still nine matches of excitement!
  6. FC Jazz - Season 2014 - Part I We're in trouble. We won against Jippo and a draw against JJK is not enough. Biggest disappointment were the lost against OPS & Oulu. In both matches were we the better team and got some excellent changes. Bot matches we lost lousy with 0-1. It isn't over but we need soon a good run.
  7. FC Jazz - Season preview - 2014 The selection is young and talented. Hopefully we are good enough to avoid relegation. I bought two players to improve the squad. Kalervo is my first DM and Paatelainen is the back-up striker. Best result in the pre season was the 1-0 victory at Veikkausliiga team SJK and the big win at TPK (7-0). The Cup was a short story after losing against KuPS in the fifth round. A round earlier we beat non leaguer MuSa (2-0). I'll start with this elevens names: Let's play some music!
  8. FC Jazz - Introduction So just like Andrew Haines I picked Finnish FC Jazz for this Challenge. The 'Paprikapaidat' had won the Veikkausliiga twice as Porin Jazz. I'm a Dutch manager with Finnish as second nationality. Avoid relegation from the Ykkönen is the first step we have to make. So this is the first introduction and I'll be back with a short preview after the friendly's and the transfers.
  9. Congrats with being the best club of the world!
  10. Great results with your club in China. Congrats with the second CL. The Asian Cup with China was a bit disappointing, to bad you couldn't win that trophy. Good luck in Uruguay!
  11. Relegation is no option Good European results! Good luck the next games.
  12. Have you already European football or isn't Rosenborg the champion? Good luck with the last five games, seems very doable!
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