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  1. I've adopted this counter-attacking approach after having decided to start as Montrose in Scotland. Poor squad with not a lot of money, so not a lot to work with. I've found the style defensively very solid, but doesn't seem to offer much going forward. I watch matches on Comprehensive and sometimes Extended and, though there isn't a great amount of acceleration/pace in the team, they don't seem to move the ball quickly at all. It's quite an odd thing to see. Not entirely sure what shouts/decisions to make to rectify this, or whether it is because of my poor players? Thanks for the article, Cleon.
  2. Epic! That, for me, is what the game is all about. Feel free to hijack the thread with a complete lowdown of everything and anything Kettering related!
  3. How are you doing? That kind of save is all I am after when I play FM, having that borderline obsessive attachment to a team where it gets to the point where you want to have a regen's name printed on the back of a replica shirt... Well as you asked I'd either have Tim Weikl on Stranraer's number 5 shirt (goal scoring German centre half, who managed to score 20 goals in a season from corners, not as a near post flick on!) or Aleix Sanchez on number 7, tricky Spanish right winger that could play upfront, fan favourite, always gave 100% much like Dirk Kuyt, kept him at the club until he retired, even though he wasn't good enough, then gave him a job as a scout, couldn't let him go.
  4. The ME is fine, I've never bought into "Superkeepers" or anything like that. It's all down to tactics, players and the way the game is setup. I have seen a few matches where one side has had 4/5 CCCs and the other has had 1 and the team with 1 won 1-0. Often in these situations you'll find the chances are from wide or the player is under lots of pressure from defence/GK. No problems with ME from me.
  5. I've decided to take part in Gundo's FM14 challenge in Wales with Haverfordwest. I thought a change of location might inspire me, so I'm in Pret A Manger around the corner from where I live to steal their electricity and people watch simultaneously (I'm serious)
  6. I would be over the moon (excuse the English expression) if my Spanish was as good as your English!
  7. I have a day off today and no plans so let's re-install FM12 and fire up the old Stranraer save...
  8. I think all of the FMs have had their good and bad points, that's natural for any computer game but the one thing that all of the rest had was that ability to keep me hooked that, either the new versions don't have or it's just a case of me not enjoying the game enough to invest the time needed into it. It's a shame as I can play CM01/02 for a few hours but then feel like I want the game to be more like FM.
  9. Everybody is different, I imagine there are some people who enjoy FM more than ever right now, perhaps it's a part of growing up and not spending as much time in a fantasy world (say it isn't so). My best careers have all had a recurring theme. On FM07 I took AFC Telford from Conference North to the Prem with the help of Genie Scout. On FM12 I took Stranraer from Div 3 to CL winners and there have been a few other pretty decent efforts, I can't remember which FM it was but taking little Afan Lido of Wales to the group stages of the CL was one of my favourites. I very much enjoy the task of taking a team that's in a really poor situation and building them up into a powerhouse but the tricky part is always the first season or two, if I can get through that and then put my mark on the team, I'm good but it's trawling through that before the promised land awaits, maybe I'm just impatient!
  10. For me it was the end of season screen that for some reason made me all happy about the next season! Not to mention the rating system, which made buying players as easy as you wanted it to be.
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