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  1. Right I've set up a new account as I was sick of the typo in my display name haha. So I will now be updating from the Shankly84 account.
  2. In the end I resigned at the end of the season. I still had 12 months left on my contract. I got the Independiente job within the first few months and the interview didn't ask about resigning this time. I managed to finish 2nd in what was left of the season and won the cup. So a great start!! I need to get some screenshots uploaded and post my seasons code.
  3. Been doing this challenge for a few weeks now. Won the Icelandic league 3 times and the cup a couple then moved on to platinum stars in South Africa. I've won the league and cup twice here now and just won the African champions league. I'm now looking at moving on to South America and have got my eyes set on Argentina. When it's time to move on do people just apply for jobs whilst still in a job or resign first? In Iceland I resigned after being knocked out of the Europa league knock-out stages. If I keep resigning it will look bad on me for future jobs won't it? But if I apply for jobs whilst still in a job the board won't be very happy? Not sure which way to go?
  4. Hi just to update. I deleted all the drivers manually and re-installed and now everything is running fine. Thanks for the help.
  5. After reading other threads on here, I don't think it was upgrading to windows 10 that has caused this but the game update. I've tried the things suggested in other threads but nothing is working. Haven't been able to play now for 3 days. This is getting very frustrating!!!!
  6. Hi I upgraded my windows to windows 10 this morning and now my game wont launch. I had no problems at all before changing to Windows 10. This is the message I get
  7. Started this challenge for the first time a couple of weeks ago and got KA in the Icelandic 2nd tier as my first club. Four years in and we have won the top division 2 times and won the Icelandic cup. Does this league and cup count towards the challenge? I don't know what to do next now. We've built a really good young squad but it's very difficult to keep hold of players. I don't know weather to stay and see how far we can get in Europe or if to move on to a higher reputation league. Decisions decisions.
  8. Thanks for the reply. So I can adjust the attributes but the overall coaching and mental need to be the same?
  9. Also. Do you have to put 20 as your age or can you put your real age in?
  10. When starting up can I have my attributes as shown in the screenshot?
  11. Will the hall of fame be getting updated to include last year's version?
  12. Colwyn Bay Season 1 Vanarama National North League So after my initial success with Rushall I decided to start again with Colwyn Bay. Manager Profile Personal Information Season After struggling tactically with the Rushall save I decided to download a tactic from the site and start again. We had a great pre-season bedding the tactic in, although we were playing against teams we was expected to beat. We started the season well, including a 7-3 win away at Stalybridge in the second game. After this we really struggled over the next few weeks and I thought it was going to be a case of just trying to stay up. But things started to turn for the better after a 4-2 win away to Rushall (funnily enough) in the FA Cup. We then went on a 13 game unbeaten run, including a great 1-0 win over League 1 Swindon Town in the FA Cup 1st round. Mansfield Town brought the run to an end with a 3-2 loss in the 2nd round, although we was 2-0 up after 38 mins. We managed to keep the form going till the end of the season and on the final day we was confirmed champions thanks in part to Kidderminster losing at Guiseley on the final day. AFC Telford managed to knock us out of the FA trophy at the 2nd round. So overall a brilliant season way above my expectation. It could of been a lot better had we held on to the lead at Mansfield as they played Stoke away in the 3rd round, eventually losing 6-1. League Table Results 1 Results 2 Results 3 FA Trophy Results FA Cup Results Season Review League Player Stats Transfers Transfer History Star Players Matthew Dowse Signed from TNS for £2,500, he was exceptional for such a young age. Won't sign a new contract though so looks will be a one season wonder. Dale Whitham Signed on a free from Chorley Town. Great first season and can hopefully build on it next year. Cory Williams Already at the club when I arrived. Started of as the back-up striker but managed to make the position behind the striker his own and scored 19 goals in 35 starts in the process. Dominic McHale Tried to sign him on the previous save with Rushall but was turned down. This time he signed on a free from Ramsbottom. Turned into a great signing and still only young. Would recommend him to anyone starting the challenge. Chris Speed Last but not least. Finished top goalscorer at the club and in the league. Signed for free from Stourbridge and managed an impressive 31 goals in 40 games. Again I would definitely recommend signing him. Next season Basically stay in the league, although it would be nice to push on for a mid-table position or even a play-off. After coming so close to reaching the 3rd round of the FA Cup, getting there this season with a big away day would be brilliant!!
  13. End of the first season with Rushall I managed to make it to the play-offs only to be beaten in the semi final. The second season I was bottom after 23 games, so i've decided to start again with Colwyn Bay.
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