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  1. An offside trap is used to compress the space the other team plays in. Using a deeper defensive line means standing off your opponents, which will give them time and space on the ball to pick out a pass. It also means that the opposing striker will probably have a running start on your defender, which makes him harder to catch. And as you mention it does indeed make it more difficult for your defenders to catch him if he breaks the offside trap. Your D-line and pressing should always be aligned, that's to say that a high defensive line should be coupled with higher pressing (no ne
  2. He's got everything, doesn't he... Training should depend on what role you want to develop him into. Perhaps you want a Lampard-style finisher from midfield for your 4-3-3, or maybe you want to turn him into the ultimate deep-lying playmaker? The only thing he probably isn't suited to is purely defensive roles like the anchor man or ball-winning midfielder, as his aggression and bravery are a bit low for those.
  3. You've already got some very good advice on the offensive side of things. However, as you say you're defensively suspect balls in behind, wingers, crosses and long diagonals - you've pretty much given the answer yourself: Your defence will be very high up the pitch. Both of your fullbacks will move forward both on and off the ball. This is a first pointer - any winger/wide player staying ahead of your fullbacks will have a whole flank to himself. This means that one ball in behind you fullback leaves a player free to either run on goal, run wide and pick a cross, or - and this is probably
  4. An offside trap can also be a massive help, as long as you have the defenders to pull it off.
  5. Actually, if all your players are moving forward at the same time it may mean they're easily marked. You also need attackers coming towards the ball, usually players from the AM/ST strata with a support role. The best thing is to watch the match and everytime the player takes a long shot, check if there's other and better stuff he can do. Keep in mind that it can also de due to the player's attributes of course. Low creativy, decisions, teamwork... take your pick.
  6. Could you say what roles your AMC's are on? I can't read them from the screenshots and it sounds like a combo of not enough forward runs from the midfielders and/or not enough movement from the forward to create space. Both of your strikers have roaming set to "no" in their instructions, this means they'll stay in their position (roughly the width of the penalty area) and be easy to mark by both centrebacks. Either manually allow them to roam or give them a role that does and they'll drift around more, either giving them space to receive the ball or forcing the opposition centreback to lea
  7. Looking at it that way there's four players behind with RFD on 'mixed', and one on 'often' but he's set to hug the touchline. I'd give your opponents' defence something else to worry about by either putting an additional midfielder on attack duty (say, Benat as CM(a)) or as Vasilli07 suggested, keeping the winger on support and the IF on attack. This won't just allow him to create more, it will prevent both centrebacks from marking him out of the game as they have to take care of other players making runs into the box. And last but not least, if you find you're creating enough chances but no
  8. Complete forward support is a role tailor-made for Muniain. Does he have enough support? If you want him to create you need players looking to get into the box and score, so a couple of attacking roles from midfield are necessary, as well as a few creative players (like Ander Herrera) creating chances for himself and others. Usually when one player is underachieving despite having the right attributes for the role he's playing you should first look at the players around him.
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