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  1. Please give me a break

    It doesn't. But it can buy you a jet ski. Have you ever seen anyone sad on a jet ski? My favourite quote ever
  2. iirc Paolo Maldini was model citizen back when he was in game
  3. Request A Screenshot

    Higuain is a beast, Martial too Abraham looks like a great prospect.
  4. If you answer "Your suggestion sounds good" and imagine laugh track after that entire convo will sound like a dialogue from a really bad sitcom
  5. Adventures of Scandinavian journeyman

    Cheers guys Well, after spending Christmas holidays, and another couple of months vacating in Lillehammer, job offer finally came around: They claim it's one-year contract, but in reality it's until Nov 2014 and now it's May 2014 so it's more like 6 months offer. They expect me to win promotion from a league where only top team gets promoted. Quite interesting structure here to be honest, there are 6 divisions in this 4th Swedish tier and only top team from every division gets promoted. Mission impossible. Nonetheless, I took up on the challenge. Current league standings:
  6. Adventures of Scandinavian journeyman

    Really? My bad then Yeah, I guess Nordic would be better fit. I just picked the leagues I liked and thought Scandinavian would be decent enough name Thank you for your wishes though
  7. Exactly as the title says, this will be journeyman career through the Scandinavian plains, hills, and mountains. I never had any real success in any FM since FM12, so this will either be my tactical pilgrimage where I will finally figure out how things work, or I will fail miserably and go back to my FM12 save. So, without further ado [video=youtube;t52csEfqWsY] Database: Default 15.3.0 Leagues loaded: Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, each all the way down Manager: Since I'm doing Scandinavian save, I decided to take name of the famous, now retired, Norwegian ski jumping legend Career goals: I have no idea to be honest... win the Champions League? Is that too much to ask? Anyway, on we go...
  8. Attribute Colours

    I go with light pink, light blue, yellow, dark green
  9. Courtois, Fabregas and Matic please?
  10. Well someone start it I want to see the attributes. Or at least post them here
  11. Not as much annoying as breaking up creativity and decisions Does attributes have to be alphabetically sorted, couldn't you leave Vision next to Decisions?
  12. FM15: Southampton F.C. - #WeMarchOn

    Top thread as usual
  13. Re OP, I made Dynamo Dresden thread last year but soon became frustrated with the save and FM14 tactical concepts altogether and went back to FM12... not sure if I'm gonna participate this year as an OP as I can't promise I'll keep the thread active with the updates... so I'm gonna think long and hard, mess around with new FM and see what happens...
  14. Liverpool most def, excuse me for being brutally honest, but I dislike everything about that club...