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  1. Overall I am really impressed with the 2018 edition. Big steps forward all over the place. All of my complaints have to do with UI adjustments. I'll list them in order from most to least impactful. 1. Please return the ability to edit search to the results screen, having to click the edit search, change a search and then close that window to see the updated results is infuriating. I spend a lot of time looking for players via attribute search and then lowering the required attributes until players start to show up. This has greatly affected finding players and staff. 2. The tactics tab on the in match screen is useless, make it the full featured tactics screen from the right hand side button of that screen where I get the full pre game tactics display. 3. Scouting list entries are too tall, so not enough fit on a page. Either turn the grid sideways or shrink it, it's too hard to take in that information at a glance. 4. On the tactics (out of match) screen, it is difficult to know which part of the button I'm about to press. They are so small and there's no highlight or anything to let me know if I'm picking the player or the role or what, just a little feedback element would be very helpful.
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