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  1. Following on from an earlier comment about fan power, how about the manager being able to see a copy of a fanzine to see what the fans really think? Perhaps they could voice their anger about the board, which could lead to takeover talks as unrest settles in, comments about the managers' tactics, and good or bad mentions of players, i.e 'Tom Lyon has been an inspired loan signing, his goal last week was great' = Tom Lyon feels good, or, 'Tom Lyon hasn't done it for us. Why did the manager get him?' = Tom Lyon feels bad, supporters question the manager a tad. Sounds interesting!
  2. The manager's personal file could include a few things. More than one favourite club, I think a few people have mentioned that already. If you're a former International player, then it'd be nice to state how many caps and goals you had in your glory days. Favourite personnel - I support Southampton, so I'd probably but George Burley, Claus Lundekvam etc. It could work in a similar way when you go to set up a friendly, you search for a specific club - This time you search for a specific name, click on the person you want, and on the bottom left options panel, click a button saying 'Select for Favourite Personnel' or something to that effect... Equally, disliked personnel, or disliked clubs. Again, I'm a Southampton supporter, so I may choose to dislike Portsmouth as a club, or say I don't like Harry Redknapp or Rupert Lowe. Basic I know, but it'd add a nice little touch.
  3. Another couple of thoughts... 1) Add more than one favourite club. Whilst I love Southampton, I spent my early years in Wimbledon and so support AFC Wimbledon. 2) Manager's Playing History - If the manager is a former player, the ability to make a history would be good. This could be taken into consideration when clubs pick their new manager - If a player spent his entire career at one club he should be one of the top candidates. 3) Following on from Nick OGS20's thoughts on pre-season. Pre-season is an incredibly important time when raising fitness levels and match sharpness are everything. It's probably also the time when most contractual issues are sorted out, so I'd like to see more emphasis on it. More reports would be good during the close season as well, to keep an eye on everyone.
  4. A Media Interview System When a friend of mine worked at a Championship club during the summer, he learnt a lot about how the club worked at media training. Academy players on a regular basis are taught how to deal with the media. For example, a typical lesson would be deciding which questions should be answered, and how, i.e. : Question: There’s been a lot of talk linking you with Club XYZ Answer: I’m happy concentrating on my progression here at Club ABC. The above could be considered a trained answer. If the player had a low media handling ability, it might be: Question: There’s been a lot of talk linking you with Club XYZ Answer: Club XYZ are a great club and it’s always been an ambition of mine to play for them. The manager at this particular club has a policy of not allowing players speak to the media if they are under the age of 19 or so, as to keep them level headed and fully focused on the club, so a manager should be asked by the club’s media department: “A television station has requested an interview with player MNO. How would you like to proceed? Option One: The player is unavailable for interview at this time Option Two: The player is available for interview†The manager could also be asked who to put forward for an interview. For example, would you the manager put forward a player who has said on many occasions he does not wish to remain at the club for a reason? So, it could look like this: “A television station has requested an interview with a player to ask some questions about the current campaign. The following players are available at the time requested: Player A Player B Player C†Player A for example could be wanted by a club or transfer listed, making him an ‘interesting’ choice for someone to interview, or represent the club. By the same measure, Player C might be the captain, who loves the club. Answers could relate to the personality or profile of the player, for example Paul Scholes is often in the limelight, but when in an interview (if at all) he is quiet and shies away, i.e. : Question: Great goal you scored there Player DEF wasn’t it? Answer: Yeah it was Okay... Also, as manager, I feel there should be more options as to what he or she says. When a club makes a bid that you the manager feel is an insult, he or she should be able to hit back, and appear as so, for example: “Manager GHI has hit back at Manager JKL of Club XYZ after bidding for young Welsh starlet Player MNO. In an interview with Newspaper PQR he said: “I felt insulted by the offer. It is nowhere near the valuation of our player, who we would not be willing to sell under any circumstances whatsoever anyway.†This could have an effect on relationships. Manager GHI could dislike Manager JKL because of the derisory offer. A final note, the as a manager you should be able to hire of fire a media guru or PR department personnel member, as you would a coach. A complicated set of ideas but hey, I think it would help.
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