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  1. Another update. I'm now in the 2014/2015 season having managed to clinch 6th place in my first season back in the Premier League. I was thrilled with that position, though it came down to the last game of the season - still, makes things interesting! I've invested further in my squad and GFH have invested further in the facilities and I'm currently in December, sitting in 1st place in the league. Equal on points with Man City but with a game in hand - I play Huddersfield so hope to get an easy win there. I had told the board I'd be going for a top half finish and I'm not expecting to still be top by the end of the season. I'm hopeful though, the team play some really good football and, at the very least, I hope to be getting Champions League football next season. I'm in the quarter finals of the League Cup facing very weak opposition. Middlesbrough are now the best team in the cup (behind me) and I play Crystal Palace to try get to the final. Hopefully I can pick up a trophy there. My team now looks like this: GK - Ospina / McCarthy DR - Byram DC - Lees DC - Gomez DL - Planas ML - White MC - Svennson MC - Romero MR - Redmond FC - Rhodes FC - Fierro I managed to get David Ospina in as he had been bought by Chelsea but was unhappy at never getting played. Took some extended negotiations but finally got my man. I brought McCarthy in as cover and have been playing him in some of the cups. My defence hasn't changed much since I started the game, they're all still young and they're all still getting better and better. I've managed 11 clean sheets so far this season (including the cups) which is a nice change from previous seasons. I also brought in Nathaniel Clyne and Adam Henley as they're both pacey full backs who can play LB & RB. Useful as cover since I have so many games this season! In midfield I switch Aidy White, Ryan Hall, Nathan Redmond and Agustin Allione at the LM and RM positions and have Howson, Svennson and Romero covering CM. Check Lucas Romero out, he's an incredible player and, as he's still young, gets better and better. I bought him from Velez for £9.5m and he's worth every penny. I brought Carlos Fierro in last season and he has been amazing! Still improving too which is great. Morrison still gets a run out every now and then as he acts as cover. Varney is still around though I'm hoping to offload him in the January window and maybe bring in another young striker or perhaps test one of the youths who have come through the Leeds academy system. There are a couple of promising regens. I brought Rhodes at the start of the season and he and Fierro complement each other perfectly! While I was typing this, my team beat Huddersfield which puts me top of the league after 17 games with 42 points. We're doing brilliantly, won 13, drawn 3, lost 1! I still expect things to go wrong at some point but, for the moment, everything is perfect!
  2. Wow, this thread is dead nowadays isn't it? Nevermind about the backroom staff, I can't sign anybody half-decent because of the stupidly low wages the board will allow. I'll look at improving my backroom later on in the game. I figure I may as well give a game update while I'm here: I'm 10 games into the season and, after a rocky start, I've just managed to clinch 1st place from Bolton who were unbeaten until the last few games. I sold Pugh and Somma and let Brown, Austin and Pearce go (got my Director of Football to get rid) and I've brought in a few players. I'm happy with the strikers - using Morison and Varney as my main partnership, with McCormack in rotation (he's been awful though so I had a chat with him and am hoping he'll improve). I brought in Oldoni to help with rotation, he had an awful first two games but just scored 2 in the last game. I also brought in Mattheus as I couldn't say no for that price. He's good but is currently out injured for another few weeks. Torsiglieri has been a rock in defence and I signed Sergio Gomez and Carles Planas from Barca B when they became available (good call Nicko!). Byram was awful at first and Peltier wasn't much better so I signed Pantsil on a free on recommendation from my Assistant Manager. My current team then is: GK: Viera / Kenny (Will replace Kenny as and when I can, am keeping an eye on Ospina) RB: Byram / Pantsil (Hopefully Byram will improve, too many silly mistakes at the moment though. I do think his stats in-game don't do him justice in RL as he's a very, very good player. Lots of potential.) CB: Torsiglieri / Lees / Gomez (In rotation, Peltier helps out as and where needed too.) LB: Planas / Lopez RM: Diouf / Hall (Hall is awful but I don't have anybody better yet.) CM: Norris / Green / Tonge (In rotation.) LM: Mattheus / White (In rotation.) ST: Morison / Varney (Also rotate with McCormack and Oldoni.) Doing better than I expected considering my squad still needs work. Playing a flat 4-4-2 tactic (using FuSS' tactic with a few tweaks - really need to make my own one of these days...) but I tend to have to shout at my team at half-time so they come back and start playing proper football. Still needs work! The board have been great though. They've agreed to upgrade all our facilities and to buy back Elland Road (!!!) as well as get a new domestic feeder club (still planning on using a lot of youth players so they need somewhere to go to before they're ready for my team) and they increased the wage budget too. Going to ask for more money to spend in January, especially if I'm still doing better than expected then. Good riddance Bates, long live GFH. ;-)
  3. Hey guys, back again for FM12 after getting bored with winning everything with Leeds in FM11 (I started a Harrogate Town game which was fun for a while but that's a different story). I'm currently in November in my first season and looking very good. Top of the table and in the League Cup Semi-Finals - against Brighton, I've had lucky draws so far. Final will be against Tottenham or West Brom. My squad as it stands consists of Lonergan, Robinson (from Liverpool), Gioda (loved him in FM11 so brought him in again), Miliev, Parnaby, Jali, Howson, Snoddy, Vayrynen, Radovic and Quintero. Playing 4-5-1 with a defensive midfielder (Jali), CM (Howson) and AM (Vayrynen or Radovic depending on who is fit). My only problem is that if anybody gets injured I'm a bit light on replacements. I could do with another winger (preferably one who can play either side of the field) just in case. Also need another attacker but that can wait until January. I'll try offload a few more fringe players then and see what I can do with the remaining transfer funds.
  4. I'm curious to know if everybody but me has had success with this tactic? I just can't seem to string any wins together. End up drawing most of my matches and have recently started losing a lot. It's all down to the defence, they concede far too many. I've been trying to tweak the team but it's not working. Am I doing something wrong?!
  5. Still not working. =( It doesn't matter what I do, my team still concedes far too many goals. I tend to scrape through against the easier teams and get soundly beaten by harder teams. No idea what to do to plug these leaks.
  6. Gah! This place needs an edit function that works... Forgot to mention that, with the second post, I'm using my other Leeds game to experiment with the tactic. Still having the same problem in that my defence concedes too many.
  7. Sorry, forgot to add that I'm using v4 of the tactic. I've played 10 league games and have won 4, drawn 2 and lost 4. Got knocked out of the league cup by Nottingham Forest after they hammered me 4-1. =( My strike force are fantastic, currently Johnson has 9 goals from 9 games and Healy 10 from 10 games. Problem is I let in even more than I score!
  8. I realise that FuSS is no longer updating the thread so I was hoping that maybe somebody else could be able to help me. I've downloaded the tactic and set it to my Leeds team - have read through the entire thread adding mt Targetman to the list. I can't seem to make the tactic work, however. My targetman is currently Eddie Johnson, with David Healy as the support striker. Johnson is scoring in most matches but my defence are letting in far too many goals. I've had the tactic on since the start of the season and have played about 10-15 games so far (including friendlies and League Cup). I've been tweaking the tactics slightly but nothing seems to work. I started off promisingly, winning every friendly and my first two league matches. Since then, however, I've drawn 2 and lost 8! I realise that the Leeds team isn't particularly amazing but I've managed to bring in a few decent players, got Denilson on loan from Arsenal and tend to set him in the DM position as I find this stops my opponent from scoring as many. I was just hoping someone might have any suggestions on how I can make this tactic work for me. Cheers!
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering - as I was foolish enough to buy the 360 version - if somebody could post a couple of screens so I can get an idea of how the tactic works? No worries if you can't, I know it's a bit time-consuming. =( Cheers anyway!
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