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  1. I'm curious to know if everybody but me has had success with this tactic? I just can't seem to string any wins together. End up drawing most of my matches and have recently started losing a lot. It's all down to the defence, they concede far too many. I've been trying to tweak the team but it's not working. Am I doing something wrong?!
  2. Still not working. =( It doesn't matter what I do, my team still concedes far too many goals. I tend to scrape through against the easier teams and get soundly beaten by harder teams. No idea what to do to plug these leaks.
  3. Gah! This place needs an edit function that works... Forgot to mention that, with the second post, I'm using my other Leeds game to experiment with the tactic. Still having the same problem in that my defence concedes too many.
  4. Sorry, forgot to add that I'm using v4 of the tactic. I've played 10 league games and have won 4, drawn 2 and lost 4. Got knocked out of the league cup by Nottingham Forest after they hammered me 4-1. =( My strike force are fantastic, currently Johnson has 9 goals from 9 games and Healy 10 from 10 games. Problem is I let in even more than I score!
  5. I realise that FuSS is no longer updating the thread so I was hoping that maybe somebody else could be able to help me. I've downloaded the tactic and set it to my Leeds team - have read through the entire thread adding mt Targetman to the list. I can't seem to make the tactic work, however. My targetman is currently Eddie Johnson, with David Healy as the support striker. Johnson is scoring in most matches but my defence are letting in far too many goals. I've had the tactic on since the start of the season and have played about 10-15 games so far (including friendlies and League Cup). I've
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering - as I was foolish enough to buy the 360 version - if somebody could post a couple of screens so I can get an idea of how the tactic works? No worries if you can't, I know it's a bit time-consuming. =( Cheers anyway!
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