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  1. I would add this to the Hidden Gems thread on this page. Also add a screenshot of his attributes if possible.
  2. I am scouting both players to see who will be the better fit.
  3. Passing 18? He looks quality. Do you have any screenshots of him having developed and have you ever used him?
  4. Has anyone found any top quality Liberos they wouldn't mind showing me a screenshot of?
  5. Can someone please send me a screenshot of the following: Carlos Vela fully scouted. The following in 3 seasons: Ajer Rogic Souttar Cochrane Forrest Richarlison Davies Dowell Lookman Calvert-Lewin Thanks in advance.
  6. Can someone advise some good False Nine options for Europa League clubs?
  7. Perfect thanks, I look forward to seeing the others aswell
  8. I think it will be this Thursday or Friday. Once the last major window has closed.
  9. Will you be adapting this tactic to the January update when is arrives?
  10. Great squad so far. Could you please let me know how much McKenna, Souttar and Grealish cost you? And how have they performed up until now?
  11. Yeah that would be perfect mate if you don't mind?
  12. Sorry to be a pain guys could someone please send me a screenshot of the following players 3 seasons into their save (attributes and stats ie history): Grealish, Saiz, Klich, Mount, Bjarnason, McBurnie and McGinn. Thanks in advance.
  13. If it's not too much hassle could someone screenshot me the following players 3 years into the save? Ajer, Ralston, Morelos, McCrorie, Rogic and Ntcham. Thanks
  14. I was just curious since in FM17 I think it was I converted him into a lethal finer in the Premier League. Cheers guys
  15. How is Mason Mount playing for you?
  16. Has anyone tried Muniain as a striker on this game? I had great success with him playing there a few versions ago.
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