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  1. I think have a lot of club is asymmetric Ex. I have holiday in 1 years The winner sequence is as follows 1st Mancity Carlos tevez Now i think he gain alot of weight and have problem when he play . He have hight ability rather than fact. 2ndLiverpool i think Andy carroll very asymmetric status his very high he got score31 goal in this season .He have hight ability rather than fact. 3rd Chelsea i think it's OK but i thike Jonh Obi Mikel,He have hight ability rather than fact. 4th Manchester United i don't know why Manchester is got 4th,perhaps have a lot of youth player But i think Manchester will be ranked higher. I think A.young,Nani now they are the star of manchester but very low ability rather than fact 5th Arsenal i think Szczesny will be higher status
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