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  1. Not moaning about the game.. just a question. i have had all the old championship manager and football manager games upto this point. but im really struggling with fm16. i have selected sunday league footballer and 0 badges. does this make the game alot harder? say for instance if i chose ex international manager and the best badges available would i be doing alot better than i am? (im charlton and lie rock bottom after half a season) i only ask this because i was rotheram previously who clearly have a worse squad than charlton but instead i decided to go with ex international manager as my past experience and i was doing alot better.
  2. just curious to know if the FM Touch skin has been made for the normal full game yet?
  3. im about to download whizzkids transfer update. its the first time iv downloaded one that isnt by SI. i was wondering how reliable these updates by other people tend to be ie.. freezing or crash dump errors.. do these tend to happen?
  4. Can someone edit this and place english subtitles onto it so i can understand what he is saying?
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Could anyone tell me when the update will be released?
  6. Currently playing as Watford. J.Hogg gets injured for 2 weeks in pre season, he's out injured for first match i think or he's not match fit atall so obviously im not going to play him and he should know this aswell. then i get a message saying he is unhappy because he isn't getting first team football!! i have only played 1 game. second game he has is 89% match fit so i place him on my subs bench but i didnt bring him on. then he requests a transfer 2 games in.
  7. Go onto youtube and watch people's uploaded video's on there saves. it may help
  8. Just had him come through my youth, he's only 15 !!!! This one turned 16 a couple of days ago in the game.
  9. Has anyone got quiet far into the save and noticed if they have improved the Al atall?
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