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  1. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    How did players Gil Dias, Bongiovanni, Boschilla, N'Gakoutou and Leroy Abanda develop for everyone? I ask because I'm halfway through my third season, and they've all progressed very nicely, but they look like players who can be easily overlooked at the start
  2. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    Doing a save where I try and spend as little money as possible, as well as trying to promote as many youth players into first team regulars. Sold Bernardo Silva for 120m at the end of the first season, then sold Lemar for 93m at the end of the second. Still managed to win the league and finish on 100 points in both seasons. Made just over 300m in transfers in 2 seasons, spent about 7m, needless to say Monaco's youth is very impressive
  3. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM13: Borussia Dortmund - Echte Liebe.

    Same for me, I assume It's to do with the fact the loan is until the end of the second season, So he'd only want to enter negotiations near the end
  4. Naingollan is quality for me, i play him as a box to box midfielder and getting him to tutor ramsey due to his high determination, consistantly performs highly
  5. PeterPistola have you tried a 433 formation? I've noticed it works quite well against lesser teams, and a 42121 is quite good against difficult teams, im roughly halfway through the season, qualified to the knockout stages and 1st in the league
  6. Playing with Balotelli on an user updated database and all i can say is he's rubbish, shoots from long range all the time and seems too slow, rarely gets higher than a 7.0 match rating, hopefully he wont be this bad in the official update
  7. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM12: Real Madrid - ¡Hala Madrid!

    Oh and i had Albiol sent off in the 47th minute as well haha
  8. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM12: Real Madrid - ¡Hala Madrid!

    Just beat Barcelona 6-0 in the first leg of the super cup in my first season, Ronaldo scoring 5 and I only get a 60% match confidence! Just plain ridiculous >.<
  9. As Real Madrid in a pre season friendly i switched Ronaldo to play as an Inside Forward in AMC and he scored 5 goals in the following game, got me the first 10 rating i've seen on a career, any one else seen a remarkable improvement after tweaking a players role?
  10. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM12: FC Bayern München - Mission Munich 2012

    I have Gomez as a target man attack, scored 18 goals in 21 games first season but injury near the end of the season ended his form, he's rated 3 stars by my assistant so i was wondering whether to sell him or not? Basically my first season transfers in were all over 48 months Transfers in: Branescu from Juventus- £875k Samba from Blackburn- £19m van der Wiel from Ajax- £12.5m Nelson Oliveria from SLB- £4.5m Leandro from Gremio- £9.25m Transfers out: Van Buyten to Juventus- £1.3m Pranjic to PSG- £12m Riedmuller to Kaiserslautern- £400k No loans in at all, 5 loans out altogether Summer: Pryor to Burghausen Schwarz to Regensburg Jullich to Sandhausen Winter: Branescu to Bielefield Jennings to Bolton My best 11 for the first season played a 4 1 1 3 1 Gk-Neuer- 50 games DR-van der Wiel- 31 games DC-Samba- 38 games DC-Breno- 22 games DL-Contento- 19 games DM-Emre Can- 13 games MC-Schweinsteiger- 31 games AML-Alaba- 33 games AMC-Muller- 42 games AMR-Robben- 39 games STR-Olic- 31 games Post my actual 2nd season first team after i finish the transfer window, lets just say sold one of the bayern superstars and quite happy about it
  11. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM12: FC Bayern München - Mission Munich 2012

    I think i had something similar to you, getting something like 5000 seats put in but then i forgot to save, and i doubt the board will do that again haha What season budget did you get after the first season?
  12. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM12: FC Bayern München - Mission Munich 2012

    Thanks =Hendo=, i think ill buy him next season, i've practically finished my first season, 32 games played with 28 wins and only 4 draws, already won the bundesliga but hopefully can go the whole season without a defeat In the final of the german against freiburg, so that will be another trophy Andddd in the semi final of the champions league against barcelona, having lost the away leg 2-1 i think i still have a chance to go into the final
  13. NiiNjA DuDezZ

    FM12: FC Bayern München - Mission Munich 2012

    New save with Bayern, brought in samba and van der wiel to help at the back, and sold van buyten due to age, anyone recomend any decent young cover's for robben/ribery that can perform as a starting 11 in a couple of seasons? Only 4 games so far but will keep updated
  14. Started a new save with city simply because it always seems an "easy option" and i dont have the time or attention span to do a more difficult one Just wondering what everyone did with the starting squad, since almost any player could be bought with the budget you're given. Also did you sell anyone? (cough tevez cough) So yeh
  15. NiiNjA DuDezZ


    Another football manager, another excuse to sell all of Inter Milans team