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  1. help find skin

    Fahrenheit,can't find a link now,but OK.
  2. [FM12] Steklo X2

    Where's the Continue button,lad?
  3. Noobish (really) questions

    OK,so,have a skin in progress,and want to ask the following since I can't get'em to work: 1:How to move the menubar so it is in the bottom of the header? 2:How to place the Continue button between the back and froward buttons and get it to appear without being cut? 3:How to re-enable the tree?
  4. Work in Progress: Flex 12

    How dafuk did u enable the tree?Great work anyway.
  5. FM12 Resource Archiver - is it available?

    It works,have successfully extracted the skins.fmf archive from the demo folder.