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  1. Thanks a million for coming back to me - had it in my head I’d prefer a slightly smaller screen though - a 14 inch xompared to a 15.6 inch. Have you seen any 14 inch laptops that would compare better to the one I linked above? Also, am I silly for going for a 14 inch screen?
  2. Hi guys would this laptop run fm20 well? Looking for a refurb purely for fm20 to be honest, would use laptop for very little else, budget around 500-600 Lenovo Ideapad 520S-14IKB - FHD 14in - Intel Core i5-8250U Quad 1.6/3.5 GHz, 8GB... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NLDXG1W/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_4wV4DbZKAJ9QQ
  3. I posted a week or two ago about the game being a little too easily this time around but, having just finished my first season, I’m starting to re-think that! I started the league campaign with 10 wins out of 11 and didn’t concede a single goal, but after a ropey second half of the season, I only won the league on goal difference - by three goals - over Manchester City. My gegenpressing 4-1-2-3 tactic got found out a little in second half of season and I went out of the cups/CL relatively early, so even though I’ve a title win under my belt, I feel as if there is major work to do if I’m going to sustain a challenge next year. One problem in second half of season was Firmino missing last three months due to injury - Studge and Solanke just didn’t cut it in his place so I’m on the verge of bringing in Fekir as first summer signing to cover the three up top and also give me the option of playing a 4-2-3-1. Have people any experience of Fekir? If I sign him, it feels like I can let go Sturridge and Lallana as he’ll do both of their roles, plus I want to give likes of Wilson, Brewster and Woodbury a fair crack in second season.
  4. Hi guys. Does anyone find the gegenpressing tactic a bit over powered? I’ve just used the standard gegenpressing formation and 11 games into the first season in all comps and we’ve won all 11 and haven’t conceded a goal yet! We’ve had a reasonable run of fixtures in the league but still played Man City home and Real Madrid home in champions league At this rate we’re going to walk the league, setting records galore - I set my rep as Sunday league and all, but has anyone else found the game, well, so easy to start with?
  5. Hi guys, I am in middle of season two, won league and f a cup in first season, although knocked out of champions league in last 16 by Napoli. Most of original squad remains in tact - only really sold Klavan Sturridge and Mignolet, and bought Oblak and Lemar who are both doing well. This season I'm a couple of points off Man U at top of league, so playing pretty well but I feel I'm relying too much on my front three for goals. Could anyone recommend a central midfielder who breaks from midfield and scores goals? I thought Lallana or Wijnaldum could do it but they just don't do it enough, whilst Keita hasn't scored yet, halfway through his first season with us. I play a 4-1-2-3 with a dm and two central midfielders, usually Can at Dm and Henderson and Keita in front as a b2b and advanced playmaker respectively - it would be one of those two roles I'd be looking to replace with a midfielder who could get me 6-10 goals a season if anyone knows of any?!
  6. How do people use Firmino? Always as a central attacking midfielder or other roles?
  7. thats weird, thanks for reply but it definitely hasnt been arranged in my game
  8. Matip future transfer hasnt been arranged - very disappointing that
  9. Went back to play the game after leaving it for a week because I was hoping a patch would have come out at this stage to solve some of the problems with the match engine. Decided to give the game another shot but I couldnt get through a few games without just switching it off because all I saw was poor defending of wings and every goal coming from a cross, it really makes me feel like the game isnt worth playing yet because the ME is so imbalanced. Frustrating because I really wantto get into a save. Anyone have any idea when an update might happen?
  10. Game is a bit of a mess at the moment I think, or rather the ME is. Wide play or extreme counter attacking are the only ways to be successful it seems. Beta ME was far more intuitive. Same every year though. That whole thing of being able to see the subs the opposition AI is going to bring on in advance is a mess also despite the explanations the mods tried to construct for it.
  11. whats the etiquette when it cones to a game crashing and youve played a few games since your last save and so have to replay them - i had a crash dump straight after losing mersey derby and when i replayed the game i won but kind of feèl like the integrity of my save has been damaged - but then going back and trying to manufacture the same result does the same - what do people think? thanks
  12. why are people not signing valdes? seems like a no brainer to me, Im just halfway through first season and on the verge of signing him. also is wanyama definitely worth the big cash yeah? Anyone any experience of shaqiri or konoplyanka? And final question, do people tend to replace johnson rather than renew him, and if so, replace him with who?
  13. i am having same problem bladesadviser. photos are in jpeg format but not showing up.used same photo in fm14 also. anyone else able to help?
  14. hi folks, having trouble adding a photo to my manager profile when setting up a new game, anyone else have any issues? thanks
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