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  1. How do people use Firmino? Always as a central attacking midfielder or other roles?
  2. verified my cache and it worked - cheers
  3. thats weird, thanks for reply but it definitely hasnt been arranged in my game
  4. Matip future transfer hasnt been arranged - very disappointing that
  5. Went back to play the game after leaving it for a week because I was hoping a patch would have come out at this stage to solve some of the problems with the match engine. Decided to give the game another shot but I couldnt get through a few games without just switching it off because all I saw was poor defending of wings and every goal coming from a cross, it really makes me feel like the game isnt worth playing yet because the ME is so imbalanced. Frustrating because I really wantto get into a save. Anyone have any idea when an update might happen?
  6. Game is a bit of a mess at the moment I think, or rather the ME is. Wide play or extreme counter attacking are the only ways to be successful it seems. Beta ME was far more intuitive. Same every year though. That whole thing of being able to see the subs the opposition AI is going to bring on in advance is a mess also despite the explanations the mods tried to construct for it.
  7. whats the etiquette when it cones to a game crashing and youve played a few games since your last save and so have to replay them - i had a crash dump straight after losing mersey derby and when i replayed the game i won but kind of feèl like the integrity of my save has been damaged - but then going back and trying to manufacture the same result does the same - what do people think? thanks
  8. why are people not signing valdes? seems like a no brainer to me, Im just halfway through first season and on the verge of signing him. also is wanyama definitely worth the big cash yeah? Anyone any experience of shaqiri or konoplyanka? And final question, do people tend to replace johnson rather than renew him, and if so, replace him with who?
  9. Manager Photo

    i am having same problem bladesadviser. photos are in jpeg format but not showing up.used same photo in fm14 also. anyone else able to help?
  10. hi folks, having trouble adding a photo to my manager profile when setting up a new game, anyone else have any issues? thanks
  11. Hi folks, For anyone who is having trouble with getting a save off the ground, I have finally managed to get one working with the starting squad using some very simple principles in terms of tactics. I had gotten the sack countless times on previous saves, never managing to start well and never managing to maintain any sort of consistency but I seem to finally have a tactic that works for me now and I’m happy to share how I’ve done it for others who may have gone through the same sort of frustration I’d suffered on previous saves. Basically I line up with a 4-3-3 formation, i.e. a flat back four, a holding midfielder in the DM strata, two central midfielders, two wingers in the AM strata and a central striker. My team instructions are all quite focused on pressing – so push higher up, hassle opponents, play narrower, and then when I get the ball back, short passing, and drill crosses. I play with one of my full backs (the right full back) attacking duty and the other on support duty with both centre backs and the defensive midfielder (with simply a ‘defensive midfielder’ role) on defence duty. My central midfield pairing in front of the Defensive Midfielder is a Ball Winning Midfielder (BWM) and Advanced Playmaker (AP) combo with the BWM on support duty and Advanced Playmaker on attacking duty. I also tell both my full backs and my two central midfielders to close down more. My two wingers are set as Inside forwards (IFs) with the Right IF set to attack and the left IF set to support with both told to mark tighter and sit narrower. My central striker is then a complete forward with his main instruction being to move into channels. The tactic is working well, I’m a point off Chelsea who are top of the league as we head into February of first season. We would be even higher but for a serious injury crisis which forced me to play the like of Sinclair, Rossiter and Ibe for a few games each. We lost at home to United and way to Spurs Arsenal and Chelsea so I need to improve against the bigh teams but I’ve barely dropped points apart from that. Suarez is my top scorer unsurprisingly but Sterling, Sturridge and even Moses have been excellent also – Sturridge actually doesn’t always get a game such has been the form of Sterling and Moses either side of Suarez. In midfield, Lucas has been okay in DM but Joe Allen as a BWM and Gerrard as the AP have been excellent. Sakho and Agger have been my centre-back pairing with Johnson very good at right back and Enrique ok at left back. Lucas wants to leave so I told him he could go at the end of the season so I’ll need to bring in a couple of defensive midfielders in the summer – I’m thinking Emre Can could be one given his versatility. I’m also looking for a new left back to challenge Enrique and possibly Valdes to challenge Mignolet. Suarez’s real life situation is putting me off keeping him in the game – wondering if people have sold him after first season and if so, what they’ve gotten for him in terms of a fee?
  12. Signed Alexis Sanchez - think I got carried away with World Cup! Start of 2nd season, had a woeful 1st campaign, lost last 3 games to drop down to 7th but hoping a front 4 of Sanchez, Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge can fire us this season.
  13. I'm midway through third season but have to say my progress has stalled. Came 3rd in PL and won FA cup in first season but then dropped down to 6th in 2nd season with no cup success ( lost FA cup final). Jan in 3rd season and I'm 6th again. My problem positions are: Goalkeeper - just sold Valdes and so just have mignolet. neither are great but valdes made so many mistakes I had to get rid. Now need someone to come in to challenge mignolet. Left back - brought in luke shaw in summer to challenge enrique and he's been so mistake-prone. Striker - Suarez had a rotten year last year and Sturridge has never been good enough for me in this save. However, I may have rectified this problem by bringing in Lukaku and morate both from Madrid in this window.
  14. what do u make of my squad guys? start of 3rd season, 3rd in league and won fa cup in 1st season, 6th last year. keepers: valdes, mignolet right back: micah richards, glen johnson left back: enrique, luke shaw centre backs: ashley williams,skrtel,agger,sakho midfielders: Alonso, Mvila, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Will Hughes, Rossiter Wingers: Sterling, Salah, Ince, Coutinho Strikers: Suarez, Sturridge, Ba(on loan), Yesil Also have Fulton, iloro, wisdom, ibe, sinclair, robinson, kurt zouma, chirivella, canos out on loan Where do peoplethink I could improve? Thanks
  15. hey guys, just starting season 2 myself, had a reasonable season first season, finishing 3rd to go straight into champions league group phase and also winning fa cup. Used a high pressing 4-1-2-2(wide)-1 tactic that was awesome at home but not great away. Defensively was poor even though skrtel and agger got good average ratings. Like most of you, I wasn't convinced by Mignolet. Decided to bring Reina back at start of second season, but he conceded 3 in a 3-0 defeat to MUFC in the charity shield and 2 in the opening league game of the season so I've decided to sign Valdes who was still available and sold Reina to Milan for 4 million. Big call, but just feel Valdes should be more reliabe than either Reina or Mignolet (who stays as backup). Suarez was my top scorer last season even though he only got 15 goals and Sturridge scored in fits and starts. I've brought in Jovetic from City for season 2 to challenge those 2, and I'm also considering Salah before window closes. I also bought the left back Alberto from sevilla for 5m and Zouma from st etienne for 7m and m'vila from rubin for 12 mill. Only really got rid of squad players like Toure, Aspas, Jones and loaned out a lot of youngsters. So my squad looks like this with about a week to go in summer transfer window to start season 2: Keepers: Valdes, Mignolet Right back: Johnson Kelly Flanagan LB: Enrique, Alberto M. Cb: Agger, skrtel, sakho, zouma Dm: lucas, mvila CM: gerrard, Allen, Henderson RW; Sterling, Borini LW: Coutinho Strikers: Suarez, Jovetic, Sturridge My questions for people would be: Did I do the right thing with the keeper situation? Has anyone had Zouma or Alberto or Mvila or Jovetic before and how do they do? Who would people buy given the squad above and the fact that I have champions league this year? Has anyone bought the winger Salah and if so, how did he do? thanks guys