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  1. Can I get THIS thread removed please. Cannot get a job after my sacking so going again. Thanks.
  2. Can you delete THIS thread please. Still mourning my Cambridge save
  3. I'm on a run of seven straight defeats so about the best I've got contains plenty of *******
  4. I thought you were running a competition for one of us to choose the title.
  5. Can you delete THIS thread please as I've lost the save . Thank you
  6. Can i have this thread deleted please. Thanks in advance.
  7. Could you delete the thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/333050-FM13-Shine-Bright-Like-A-(level-10)-Diamond. Had a custom database issue where i could not be promoted from a lower divison. This is now fixed so will be looking to restart. Apologies.
  8. Could my title Sine Bright Like A (level 10) Diamond read Shine instead of Sine! Cheers in advance
  9. About ten years ago there was a young Portugese striker who started the game without a club. I think his name was something like Jaeo Pavia or something similar. Was a beast for my Leeds team and when playing 2 player with my mate we used to fight over who would sign him. Beast
  10. Everyone seems to think it is easy managing Manchester United with all the great players they have. But when your best player is showing signs of decline, its makes it more difficult. Look at the comment about 26 year old Rooney Yes he is declining at the age of 26!! Always thought they hit peak at 27!!
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