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  1. You can set their role as Wide Midfielder and add cut inside, sit narrower, roam from position, dribble more and maybe get further forward. The only problem is many players cant play at the MR/ML and training them will take too much time
  2. Great post but I always struggling to make a counter attacking tactic, I'm sure it's not as simple to change your mentality to 'counter' and use 'pass into space' right? Whenever I use 'counter' away from home I just invite too much pressure and barely create any chances.
  3. Playing counter wont mean that you'll concede less, in fact when using counter you will invite pressure since your d-line will be deeper, and the player will press less. When I go up and dominating the game I usually keep my mentality on control so that they don't get a chance to build attack because of my high-ish d-line and intense pressing. Like wwfan said, if you keep getting caught by balls over top then use drop deeper shout is better. Defensive strategy is no no for me, since all you do is invite pressure and give the opposition all the time and space to attack you
  4. I'm having problem getting this formation to work too previously, but I think I've finally nailed it. Here is my set up . ---------------------GK (defend)---------------------- FB/WB(S) -------CD(D)-------------CD(D)-----------CWB(A) ------------------DLP (S)----------CM(D)----------------- IF (A)----------------------AP(A)--------------------- W (S) ---------------------------AF(A)-------------------------- I usually play fluid and control. The 3 behind the AF are given roaming instructions. This is the best possible set up for 4-2-3-1. There are enough movement on the flanks, with fu
  5. Like the OP, I have problems in away match too I've tried counter strategy but still have problems. With counter we drop too deep and invite too much pressure. The opposition just have too much possession and we can't seem to win the ball back. Players keep misspassing like a 10 yrs old child and we cant create anything on attack. I play 4231 with man utd too and consider 4411 but the problem is my wingers cant play at MR ML slot (nani and valencia is injured) and training them will take too much time. This game is really frustrating! !!!
  6. I dont think you will like using counter and drop deeper shout. Counter already have quite deep defense line and drop deeper shout will make you very very deep, which will make you to invite pressure from the opposition, especially at away match, you'll struggle going forward
  7. The problem is, in FM there are loads of player that play at AMRL slot, and unable to play at MR ML, and most of them are great players
  8. It's weird but whenever I tried treq at AMC my whole team seems playing worse, losing possession and invite pressures from the opposition, could it be because the treq doesn't defend? Another weird thing is, the treq isn't suppose to defend but he often stay too deep when we lose possession although he doesn't do any pressing or attempt to win the ball back, so when we win the ball back the treq is too deep to play killer pass for the forward. The AMC usually have enough space but he rarely try any killer pass forward, often just make side and backpass. I have IF (a), W(s) and AF as my front
  9. Easier said than done. Even though there is huge space behind the wingers and between the defence and midfield, sometimes you just can't seem to exploit them, especially when playing away from home against top teams, where they will press you all over the pitch. Thus when we try to build attack it often break down due to my team keeps lossing possession either by the pressing or my players making stupid passes. I've tried 4-1-4-1 against Chelsea away in my last game and manage to restrict them only to long shot. They have 23 shots but only 3 of them on target which is hilarious although they
  10. I don't think it has anything to do with his low bravery, aggression, determination off the ball and even finishing (which is laughable). For a defender to score from corner it depends on his jumping and heading and maybe a bit anticipation. His jumping and heading is 16 , it's okay but not really enough for scoring 5+ goals from corner every season. Last but not least, set piece set up also really important. Simply by setting him to 'attack far post' etc won't make him scoring many goals. It also depend largely on how the other players are set up. I don't really know how to set up a good cor
  11. So far after latest patch I've been struggling to get my AMC to play consistently. Ideally I want him to feed the wide forward and strikers in a 4-2-3-1 formation. I have creative players in this position (Kagawa and Rooney) but both rarely make key passes and create chance for my front 3 esp my striker. I've tried AP (s) and AF but my AMC just stay too deep thus unable to create meaningful chances for the forward. Also tried another partnership like the OP such as F9 and SS, CF (s) and AP (a) hoping to drag the defenders in and out because Rooney and RVP should be able to do this but unfortun
  12. I always think that 4-3-3 Barca style ( 4-1-2-2-1) is a natural counter for the 4-2-3-1 because you have a DM to mark their AMC out of the game. Without the AMC, their wide forward and striker's supply will be cut down. It's just my though though and haven't tested it yet, but I will implement it in my save tonight as I have Chelsea and Man City away ( I'm Man Utd), and both use the 4-2-3-1...
  13. I have the same problem here. Being Man Utd and just played Chelsea away. As expected, we're being outplayed at Bridge. They had 20+ shots while we had only 10+, although they have only 1 CCC while we have 3, still we couldn't cope with their aggressive play, they just pressed us everywhere on the pitch, pumping crosses to my area and shooting from everywhere. I tried to play counter attacking with Fluid and Attacking, with drop deeper and pass into space instructions, creating 3 CCCs which we should score though. In the end we lost 1-2 after a left footed screamer from Azpilicueta ( he was ri
  14. Try switching from Standard to Counter so that the players won't be too hasty to take a shot, and instead playing more patiently and waiting for better opportunity before shooting. Your number of shots will be lower but the shot on target should be higher.
  15. Say that to Dortmund & Lewandowski, Barca& Messi, Atl Madrid& Falcao, PSG & Ibra etc. Nowadays teams use lone striker formation and still the majority of the goal scorer is the striker. As the name implies, striker is there to score. Doesn't mean that a formation with lone striker will cause him struggle to score. It just depend on the support and how the players around him is set up! Although I admit that since FM 13 it's much harder to get your striker to score 30+ goals like previous FM.
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