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  1. Like 3 in one day. Its like this every other day. Please someone have a look at this for me, been playing for nearly 30 years! I remember Anthony Bird! Come on I cant stand this lol. Help your oldest fan out!!!!
  2. So my big annoyance right now is being swamped with every team wanting me to be there manager. I have being playing since 1992-93 floppy disk version. I honestly find the game pretty easy, but still love to take conference sides to the champions league. The issue is I get promoted pretty much every season until championship. Then the job offers and media linking me to every club begins to clog my news feed up. Every day I have to dismiss rumours of me leaving to manage another club. Now as a manager going up three or four leagues from conference to championship, if it was like newly promoted premier teams, foreign top league games then it would make sense right? But its 90% teams in the same league as me who are bottom of the league or mid table, when I am top of the league... Obviously its because the games reputation system, so my club usually Barnet have low rep, hence Bolton or Norwich (currently in my game in L1 with me) are much bigger clubs, so it kind of makes sense. But in reality theres no way I would leave a club I have got promoted 3 times to go to a club struggling in the same league. So... I think to make the game more realistic and improve immersion I should be able to put a press release out affirming my commitment to my club. This in turn will stop all the job offers and media questions about me leaving for some struggling team in the same league as me or below. Make it so only really big offers come in. Like two leagues above minimum. For a time period after the press release. There could be other press released as well. I think there are already some, but just for me this is my biggest gripe playing the game. It gets really annoying and really breaks my immersion. What do you think guys?
  3. teknotel

    Job offers

    Not sure how this plays out at higher reputation clubs, but as a lower league manager doing really well and earning promotion and then doing well the following season I am literally offered three jobs a week. I have already raised my tedium with media interviews as they are too similar and sometimes you answer the same question two or three times in a interview exchange. You might answer the same set of questions every week, or at least it feels like that. So when you reject the job you get the same media questions every time and 9 times out of ten give the same answer. It really is boring and stupid. What is really stupid is that you will be in the top half of a league you just got promoted into and the teams at the bottom are the ones asking you to be there manager. Now I can understand a massive club on hard times at the bottom asking in my situation but its not, its any team from bottom of my league to the championship and your kind of flooded with them eventually from everywhere. I just think what would solve all of this and improve realism is once its clear you have reaffirmed your loyalty to a club only really big offers will be passed onto you. Like none in your division. Maybe also add in the ability for a manager to put it out there he is a looking for a new position and even specifically contact a club to get the wheels moving. Just kind of spoils the realism for me and seems like something that could be corrected very simply.
  4. For such a in depth simulation I really think the media interactions are incredibly tedious and repetitive. It seems this year there are more instances where you react with the media, and I can see some new options which is cool, but I really think this area could do with a re work as it really is a bit simplistic, tedious and not really adding that much to the game. Feels more like a chore when you are literally answering the same questions over and over and over again. Some times you even answer the same question twice in one interview and then they even come back and ask you that one question again the a but later in response to another manager! Personally I think there each different style/personality of interviewer should have a different question set for different situation. Might be a lot of work, but I think its totally achievable and would actually make a big difference to interviewing. Their should be some pros and cons depending on how you deal with pres situations and ideally some sort of memory where depending on how you get on with the various media outlets, depends how they paint you in their news. Could have small effects on players, fans and the board if you mishandle these situations etc. I think this should be at least the starting point and could even be developed a lot more to be more in depth, realisitic and actually enjoyable, rather then being tedious. What do people think?
  5. Also right now I have 280 hours in FM2018: I have made suggestions: http://steamcommunity.com/app/624090/discussions/0/1483235412194569718/ I am no professional tester and I haven't covered everything and a lot of what I am saying is not valid in these I know. But I buy the game every year, pump 1000s of hours into it and this year I even had a notepad file open with me while I played so I could note things down as i went and report them. I just want you to realise that this questioning of the bugs and asking what they have done instead of fixing these is coming from someone who has tried his best to test the game and give feedback. I have played games for 25 years so I do understand basic workings in software and I am aware that we are the testers these days. I just think for my 1000s upon 1000s of hours I have put into SI games over most of life that they would release a game with the glaringly obvious UI bugs sorted out as I cannot see how it would take that much to fix some of this stuff.
  6. Kind of a strange thing to say considering I linked to the exact bug report I made regarding the main one quite clearly in the OP.... I did report all issues I found. There are just so many glaring ones in all honesty. As said I have no problem with the gameplay, it is just the bugs like I described which really are spoiling my experience. As you can see if you read the OP I linked to report where it was noted as being under review. The thing that gets me is that I didn't notice any changes whatsoever from Beta to release.... nothing. So I can understand them not fixing the hover issue in tactics, if like they did tons of other obvious bug fixing, but I noticed nothing.... If glaringly obvious bugs like that are not a priority for a full released game then what exactly is? Does it seem like something that would take that long to rectify? I don't know, just feel a bit let down as I buy every years copy since Championship manager 92-93 and am always supporting SI and discussing issues with critics. I am very surprised with this release actually as a lifelong fan. I have total faith that SI will release patches to make the game excellent, just personally I would rather wait and play a game where at least bugs are not this obvious and frequent. Also whilst I understand the simplistic terms you are trying to convey with your example, I think that comparing a mission to orbit Mars with a fairly simple and obvious UI bug in a computer game (which has had the same systems and interfaces for years), does not really help this situation. What I am saying is that this particular bug was on their radar for a long time already. Pretty sure when the NASA engineers realised their mistake it was rectified as soon as possible. Doe my problem really seem like a major issue that would take over a month to fix? An issue which is incredibly noticeable?
  7. First of all I love the game itself. I think the new additions are well thought out and add to the game and simulation. In beta I was incredibly pleased and felt many of the complaints, UI, Injuries, game engine etc. were just a matter of opinion rather then actual issues as I felt all worked well and were an improvement on last year. I noticed some bugs which I did raise in the bug part of these forums. After release literally none of these have been addressed... Here are the most annoying which are really frustrating me at the moment: Tactics screen, window fades when hovering i on playing select. Basically you click on a position and it brings up a list of players who can play that role. Surely being able to hover each players (i) button and then select the best fit is an integral part? This has never worked nor does it coming up to a month since beta. I appreciate this is under review still but this really seems like something quite simple surely? I find it worrying that something as basic as this which is quite obvious is still unfixed. Also I am noticing now that sometimes if I leave my game for a while when I come back you can't actually click anything... usually in tactics screen. Literally nothing happens when you click anything only solution is to press the red x at the top if you are in windows mode. Also I noticed that sometimes in games when I finish a game I give my team talk at the end, then next thing I know the team talk has been reset and I am on a screen with the pre game team talk selection! I usually ignore it and press the continue button which is fine, however it just makes the game feel kind of broken to me and does ruin my enjoyment a bit. There are many other smaller bugs I have noticed as well but cannot recall. How long until all of these obvious and very noticeable bugs will actually be fixed? Personally I would like to wait and come back to a sharp and mostly bug free game that functions as intended. I get put off every time I play and notice all of these little things. I give a lot of them the benefit of the doubt but they are just so frequent I kind of feel a little disappointed for the first time ever. That said I think the ideas and game play is great as usual.
  8. I actually did this and it doesn't change anything. I think those options are literally in control of agent offers, these are players offering themselves.... At least I changed it and then two weeks later in my next scouting meeting it was filled with useless players offering themselves to me.
  9. As a prem team I would like this! I would send the best ones out to a feeder club. As Barnet is L2 it is redundant lol.
  10. I posted this as part of a scouting meeting post but got no feedback so will try again. I dont think its a bug so will post here. How do I get players to stop offering themselves to me? I am Barnet in L2 and half of my scouting reports are players who are useless offering themselves to me: Basically player approaching club.... Please can anyone help me with this as it is kind of making my socuting meetings tedious when 12/25 reports are these guys. Thank you.
  11. I mean its a computer game so to some extent it will always be somewhat robotic. How do you think it has changed from FM2017? i don't see much difference and for me it has always worked fine. If your playing as PSG or PSG are ai, obviously they will have draw and actually thats the way its always worked, Bigger teams with more draw can sometimes get away with less fee because the player might really want to go there so its harder for the club to make large demands or they risk ruining squad harmony. They can so no to smaller rep teams and therefore ask for money without it being an issue. That said I do get that in some cases a club would ask for more money from a big club, but for me this has always been the case. In FM when I got into prem teams often demanded in excess of 100 million from me as wigan. I would have to launch a campaign to get the player at a reasonable price, through scouting and media interaction. Sometimes it worked and player came to me for cheaper because i did enough to unsettle him and other times they signed a new contract with their club. I felt in functioned well last year and I cannot see anything anywhere that says it has been changed dramatically.
  12. Working great for me as Barnet. Some issues are annoying like the number of useless players offering themselves to me, (club contacted by player), but other then that I really like everything else about it. It seems more focused to me, I manage all the assignments by myself and my main strat here is to set assignments for players who can fill the roles in my tactics then set min scouted potential as 3 stars. I get lots of good quality players who all pretty much fit my system. I felt like last year it was more luck based, but this year it feels like a realistic scouting system. I really like the data analysts to, think its a cool addition. My only gripe is with the number of useless players offering themselves to me, I would like to be able to stop receiving these reports but there does not seem to be a way. Also I made a post on it here: But I think the data analyst recommendations need fine tuning. Basically as Barnet my data analyst is mainly providing me reports on young Brazilian league players... Whilst extremely cool, it costs me too much scout them and I will never be able to sign them as the work permits won't go through. This may be a lack of info on my part but I am not sure how I can manage what the data analyst provides reports on, like I would like it to maybe focus on regions I have set, or at least rule out non EU regions whilst I am still in the lower leagues. That said still loving it and the new release as a whole.
  13. So many reasons, time to gel with each other, develop relationships on the pitch... And yes at barnet I have dropped the captain and vice captain and bought in 4 loans and one signing, also have dropped several of the core group. Morale is good, players very happy with me and we are overperforming.
  14. I mean if you want the game to be easier I guess so lol. Although game was too easy last year and seems to be similar so far this year to me.
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