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  1. So he made an offer for 2 or 3 players in a row, all awful, then he never bothered again. New AM now and he hasn't made offer. On to my 3rd or 4th Head of Youth Development and not a single one has tried to bring in any young players. I have had players as poached as well, are they supposed to do that for me because if so that hasn't happened either.
  2. Just an update, my assistant manager has just made an offer for a player.... It is the first time, I am just starting my 4th season. He is assigned to initiate offers for U23 players, my head of youth development is still yet to offer for a player for the U18s.
  3. In FM20 it just didn't seem to work full stop, in fact when I first took the club (barnet) over he did actually try to sign some youth players but it then just completely stopped and never worked even in the prem. Pretty sure we have enough transfer budget to bid on a player. I am hoping its just something simple like this tbh.
  4. Here is what I want to do. I want to sign a Head of Youth Development. I want him to then find good youth prospects (that fit our style of play, or even his if possible) and sign them. I want to then make the final decision on whether the signing is completed. Staff responsibilities seem to account for all of this. Yet it literally never works. Not FM20 and now not in FM21. The idea of appointing a talented Head of Youth Development and delegating him the responsibility to find new young players for the u18s is cool. The better the staff the better the results will be etc. Is there a
  5. This is 100% the issue for the most part and tbh is my only really major criticism with the core gameplay loop in the recent versions of the game. I stated earlier I wont he UCL in 9 seasons with Barnet and it is probably 50% down to this and 50% down to my tactics and management, This weighting feels really off. It is a major factor in why you have it pretty easy taking a team up from the bottom because you are always a low rep club on your way up and this really helps you grind out results as every team is essentially a bigger team than you. Therefore if you have good players and a good t
  6. What Barnet? I grew up very nearby, they were always my local team so I always play as them in FM. Yeah it amazed me too before. I never set out to win the UCL just get to Prem as fast as I could. 5 Seasons is my PB only stalling for one season in the champ. Even that is very unrealistic.
  7. This. This is word for word exactly what I do and how to be successful with all clubs. I also feel that the big club / small club reputation mechanics are exploitable. Playing as a conference level club like I always do really gives you an edge in a few ways. Bigger teams suffer against you a lot if you do all the things the nully29 listed here. You are virtually never favoured as you rise up the leagues and teams may suffer from 'complacency' mechanics against you a hell of a lot. Similarly your players are a lot happier more of the time because you are always over achieving and when you d
  8. The UCL final game was epic. Barcelona at Old Trafford. They dominate me for the first half but we go in only 1-0 down. Give my team the hair dryer treatment at half time, they are fired up and come out much sharper. We are making chances etc. and equalise to make it 1-1 at 80 mins. Extra time my DM gives away a pen and gets sent off at 111. My BPD is actually a former Barcelona squad or reserve player and he pops up at 117 to head in the equaliser against his old club. We hold out with ten men for pens and my keeper saves their first two penalties and we win the UCL! Thought I was going
  9. I swear to you 100% I would never dream of using genie scout. There is honestly no need for me to do that and it ruins any fun left in the game for me. My tactic is my own tactic I have used and tweaked each year since 2016. I am not sure what a knap tactic is, but I have linked to it as it is listed on sortitoutsi and your welcome to check it out and let me know. If there is anyway I could prove it to you I would be happy to do so, like I legitimately have owned every copy of FM since 1991 and have tens of thousands of hours on it across all the games. There is absolutely no way I would
  10. In all honesty I have tweaked it a lot in that regard. Not sure what you mean by exploit tactic?
  11. For me personally yes the game is waaay too easy. Once you understand the formula you can win anything with any club. I just won Champions league with Barnet in 9 seasons from conference. I feel like I could do this with any team, though I only usually play English league so maybe its a lot harder in a poorer league etc.. It's pretty easy to tell how good a player is based on their stats and personality. I scout thoroughly and use search filters to find players suitable for my tactic and man manage the players well to get the best out of them. I have been thinking a lot I would
  12. I have been playing FM since 1991. I have owned every single release and have tens of thousands of hours across all games. I am really enjoying FM2020 but have noticed a few areas I think could be improved to make the game perfect and have been keeping notes on things I come across in game I feel could be improved. - Better visuals for regens. A lot of similar looking and in some cases bugged regens with transparent skin etc. Another example is the manager creation where you scan your photo, its amazing, yet its then kind of ruined with a choice of an awful looking poor quality graphic ha
  13. My head of youth development is set to acquire youth players for the u18s, he just doesn't bother.... Have sacked him and got someone else in and he is doing the exact same so far. I have control of the finalisation but as you can see the youth development head is set to initiate and negotiate signings. I remember when I first set this about 7 seasons prior he did start off signing players, but they were absolutely abysmal. I think I turned it off because he was signing players who cant even fit in my system etc. Then when I got a youth development head with good stats a couple of seasons l
  14. So I am actually in the premiership when this happened, its my first season in the prem. It is weird because up until this point I have actually had 3 players in total come through who were good enough to make my team, all three are right now in my premier league squad. Just no idea why the golden generation text came up, then I get absolute duds lol.
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