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  1. Thanks for you help, it is very excitant challenge
  2. Hi, I want to star new save with Queen's Park F.C, but it is always amateur, you know if after can to change status to professional or if alwyas it will be amateur, also in Scotish Premier Greetings
  3. Hello in next versión of in game editor could you added in finances to modify benefit (profit, gain) and losses, and also finacial fair play rules please ?. Thanks in avance regards
  4. thnak for the reply, I know I want to create it with, but I want to check command STADIUM_MOVE, bit I will create it wint editor I thnim it will be more easy, thnsk for reply
  5. Hello I want create a new stadium for my Red Star 93, but I don't know how to make and create it, so please can someone to explain me how to use exactly the command STADIUM_MOVE, and every part form the command STADIUM_MOVE, thanks for the reply Greetings
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