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  1. Thanks for you help, it is very excitant challenge
  2. Hi, I want to star new save with Queen's Park F.C, but it is always amateur, you know if after can to change status to professional or if alwyas it will be amateur, also in Scotish Premier Greetings
  3. Hello everyone, well this year, I had started a game with Leeds United, but I did not finish conveying the english work permit system, I do not understand how it is that there are players who already playing in England, when sign it with another English team is denies the work permit at sing and deal for other english club, I think it is absurd, if they came from outside he would understand it, but not when they already playing in England. Well I want to start a new game, I guess it will be the one that plays, because my work schedule time it does not allow me to have life on week with what will surely be the only game, last year in FM2017 a season took a month in complete it that's why I have some doubts among some teams: Leeds United: continue the game and return to the premier, and the pendent debt of winning the champions league, in favor of the metal awards, the league and country reputation, and the attendance of the public, against the system of English work permits Paris FC: My eternal match never finished, team for which I am very sympathetic, the goal to make the first team of Paris to win the Champions League, and take away the post to PSG, in favor because the signings are more benevolent, on the contrary there is no metal awards, the French league is weaker than the English or German and little attendance publicin matches Luton Town: My other game never finished for years, I aim to return to the premier 25 years later, and win all Premier and Champions League Dynamo Dresden: Historical team of the DDR come to less, goal to make the first team of the former DDR to win the Bundesliga, in favor of the very good prizes in metal. Dynamo Berlin: Historical German team, aim to make the first Berlin team and win the Champions League starting from the 4th category Munich 1860: the objective to return to the Bundesliga and to oust the hated Bayern and make him champion of the Champion Hampton: Goal to advance to the Premier League, win the premier and win the Champions League starting from the last English division, against very long game Well I hope you help me decide, Paris tempts me a lot, but it makes me doubt the prestige of the French league and the theme of the awards in metal Well I hope you help me decide, Paris tempts me a lot, but it makes the league's prestige much doubtful, the low attendance of spectators in the matches and the theme of the metal prizes Sorry for my bad English Gracias por la ayuda Saludos
  4. is free transfer bid data base
  5. Hello, tnahks for you great job, but I would like to know if I can to play a save with Racing Club de France football Colombes 92 ( Racing Paris ) ? Thanks for your reply
  6. In Steam with FM Insider 30% discount = 44,99 € pre-order Steam Spain or Sega Store
  7. AS Saint-Étienne Paris Fc RC Strasbourg Dynamo Dresden BFC Dynamo ( Dynamo Berlin ) Luton Town Bromley I don' know yet the order of games
  8. Hello in next versión of in game editor could you added in finances to modify benefit (profit, gain) and losses, and also finacial fair play rules please ?. Thanks in avance regards
  9. links are not working, any other link for download please ?
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