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  1. It clearly does say FMC Unlockables though.
  2. My strikers are scoring just fine in the lower leagues as well, whether it be shots, lobs or headers.
  3. Sigh. I don't think a single person in this thread so far has been opposed to the idea, I don't see why people see the need to throw insults around for no apparent reason.
  4. I'm not sure to be honest, not really that familiar with the RTE.
  5. I agree that it would be a neat feature, but as others have said it's already doable with the in-game editor, although I'd understand why you wouldn't want to go through the hassle of it. I see people still can't be bothered with reading through the full thread before posting their nonsense.
  6. No, you don't pick up 5 non-newgen players on a free that you know for sure are going to be world beaters. This I would agree with, it would be interesting to see how their career would turn out if you don't sign them up yourself.
  7. The problem is that you know that these players exist, and you know they're going to become amazing, so what's stopping you from signing them from the start?
  8. I completely agree that it's his own game and it's his own choice. I just found it odd that his reason for not using the in-game editor was because he considered it cheating, when importing players into the game would obviously be cheating as well.
  9. You don't think importing players into your game, who you know are going to be world beaters, is cheating?
  10. It's 'faceinthegame', and it still works in FM13. Note that they aren't all SI staff though.
  11. Of course it should be allowed in the game, why would you want to limit your freedom? As for the warning box, is it really too difficult to make sure you're not throwing a goalkeeper into your midfield?
  12. Take it you didn't bother doing just a tiny bit of searching? You could probably spare yourself and others a bit of time by doing so next time.
  13. Why would the amount of goals scored matter in any way, when the award is for the best goal of the season?
  14. As far as I know, the higher wage you're currently on the less likely the club is to sack you, because of the higher compensation they'll have to pay.
  15. More importantly, why would anyone ever use the reluctant tone?