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  1. This is the thread I've hoped to see! To add some context, I've just taken the Ajax job in 2024 and my intention is to have a young, technical squad capable of playing as an Ajax team can. I've set up a 433 formation & a 4231 based on the team from last season. Quite luckily I have a DM/CM who could take up the Frenkie De Jong role with enough attention and training. I will be keeping an eye on this thread closely that's for sure. Also interested to see the dynamic of the front 4 you suggest.
  2. Currently trying this with Manchester United. ---------------------De Gea----------------- -----Christensen---Smalling---Romagnoli------- Bernado Silva-Herrera-Geis-Alaba-Memphis- ------------------------Mata------------------ -------------------Martial--------------------- It's working well so far. Creating plenty of chances and seeing a lot of good link-up play between players. Only seem to be managing around 53% possession in each game at the moment and I'm looking to get that up to around 60% and higher. The one thing I will say about it is that my wide players aren't suited to the role they have in the team. Both set at W-A but they cut in far too much, and when I swap them for Luke Shaw and Nelson Semedo, those two play the role much better and stay wider always.
  3. I'd imagine a F9 and a Shadow Striker at AM. Then you could play around with the PI's and make the two players swap positions.
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