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  1. Does anyone know where to find a player's club history with all their previous clubs, appearances and goals etc. on the Switch version? I can only find their current season stats on their form page.
  2. Players seem to back off the ball, miss the ball, not bother jumping for a header/completely miss a header too much. And this is ridiculous. I can maybe understand one defender jumping over the ball for no reason, but 3 in the space of a second is too much:
  3. My saves are also taking a long time. Used to get stuck on at the 75% mark, but now it gets stuck near the start too.
  4. Mine is taking ages too. Takes 5 seconds to load a save, nearly 2 minutes to save one. I've read it's because it compresses the save file by default now. Does anyone know if SI plan to allow us to switch the compression off?
  5. Is it still possible to do a team comparison with the rest of your league, showing which team has the highest and lowest pace, passing etc?
  6. Got a new laptop this week. Wasn't sure whether to pay an extra £60 to get an i7-4700MQ, but glad to see there isn't that much difference between that and the dual core i5 I got. CPU: Intel i5-4210M CPU Frequency: 2600 MHz (3200 with Turbo Boost) RAM: 8GB 1600 MHz OS: Win 8.1 64-bit Time: 5 min 5 seconds
  7. Hi folks, do you think this is the best laptop I could get for this price? (£640) http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/59419186-Lenovo-Z710_1656493.html Also, generally, would a 2.2 ghz i7 quad core run faster than a 2.5ghz i5 dual core if they were the same U, M, MQ etc?
  8. Just scored a goal in a friendly and their keeper picked the ball out of the net and carried it the centre spot, which was very nice of him, but probably shouldn't have happened.
  9. If you're playing 14.1.2 is it definitely the full game and not an update of the beta? I only got one code from GMG, but everything seems fine.
  10. According to the editor there are two set dates for my stadium's capacity to be increased. Does that mean I don't need to do anything and it will automatically increase on those dates or work will begin on those dates? Or can I request the expansion at any time, but if it the editor sets the stadium to increase to 35,000 in 2016 and 40,000 in 2018 I can only go up to a maximum of 35,000 before 2016?
  11. I placed my order with Amazon and got the beta code. Just went to check why I hadn't received a dispatch email for delivery tomorrow and it turns out my debit card had expired, so the order hasn't gone through. Anyone know if Amazon will send out the full game code tonight if I send payment now or should I just pay the extra £5 and get it off Steam?
  12. At the moment I've got an HP Pavilion G6 1.8 GHz AMD Dual-Core E2-3000M APU with Radeon HD 6380G Discreet-Class Graphics Chipset AMD A60M Microprocessor Cache 1 MB L2 cache Memory 8 GB DDR3 Memory Max Supports up to 8 GB DDR3 (2 user accessible) Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6380G Discrete-Class (up to 3.98 GB total memory) On FM13 I had 5 nations loaded, large database, around 45,000 players. I didn't really have any problems with it. It wasn't superfast, but I never play more than 10 seasons per save, usually around 6/7, so it was fine for me. However, I've been thinking about getting this: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ACER-E1-571-NX.M09EK.032_1431695.html Processor Intel® Core™ i5-3230M Dual Core (2.6GHz, Intel Ivy Bridge Architecture, 3MB Cache, Intel Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz) Screen 15.6" (1366 x 768 HD Resolution) Operating System Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit RAM 6GB (DDR3) Hard Drive 750GB Optical Drive DVD Rewriter (Records DVDs 8x & CDs 24x & Dual Layer Super Multi) Graphics Integrated (Intel HD Graphics) Would the difference in day processing speed significantly better with this? I wouldn't want to load any more nations, so the database would be the same size and I don't really care about match graphics. I only really want to get this if it would process days in a couple of seconds, as I don't mind the speed with my old one too much. So do you think the Acer would be a lot better?
  13. Playing in league One and also the Europa League. Currently in March. Due to my Europa league games on Thursday at the start of the season my Saturday league matches would be moved back to the semi-distant future instead of Sunday or midweek straight after, so sometimes I'd go more than a week without playing a game and fell nearly 20 games behind the rest of the league. Having had 3 good cup runs I now find myself playing 9 league games in 9 days (Having 10 days off beforehand because of international call-ups). Then pretty much one every other day for the rest of the season. Edit: Also the players aren't even back from international duty before the 9 game run in starts.
  14. I arranged a tour in Germany, then my board decided to have a training camp in China at the same time, so my players were travelling back and forth between games, which doesn't make a lot of sense.
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