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  1. The tending my players like flower was an just my exaggerated part. But yes I get what you are saying. The teamtalk before the game is where I might be too kind, the expectation, so I will try to be more assertive in that aspect, so cheers for bringing that up. I do wish the team talk could offer more options.
  2. I tend to be kind to them and encourage them during match and after when they play good and most often criticise when I need too. But If I only win I dont need the teamtalk, but I need to able to have a good proper teamtalk when Im on the loosing streak. Not only to batter them.
  3. So about them teamtalks, forgot my manners beloved SI and moderaters of this valued forum.. The story goes, Im playing with Crewe. Everything is going great, playing over expectations. I hit a few bad runs, moral starts to drop, I try to encourage to no help. Loosing streak keeps on going and after loosing home against 23rd placed Crawley I ask for a teamtalk. Moral is very low with every player but two three. Their general happiness over league position is good though. The options that Im after in the teamtalk is not available so I think fine. I calm down and give them an encourage talk, and the give back a response asking why I give them praise. I ask myself the same question. Anyone got a good suggestion about what to do about the moral dropping and does anyone else has an opinion about teamtalk options? Im well aware that you should most often tend your players like tender flower-souls as they are, but I imagine there are managers in real life and in here that wants to blow off steam
  4. So about them teamtalks, great job SI*ironic* Im Crewe in league 2, and playing over expectation, all good so far. Then, as this version of FM has an extra sensesitivite of moral-drops, I hit a few bad runs and my moral starts spiral down. Loosing home at 23e placed Crawley, I want to tell my team, "What are you doing, dont miss this chance of being promoted!" Moral is ****, but their general happiness is still good, as we are still top3. Options at the teamtalk are ***** to put it plain. Give me a chance to give them a real shout! Nope, not such an option so I calm down and try to encourage them and get a response like " Why are you giving us praise when we been playing bad?" WHY?? Cause SI?! Cause SI doesnt give me the option to tell you what I think of you. Would that help you ask? Probably not but I want that option. So basically, Teamtalks sucks and I cant be the only one thinking this. The moral is ridiculous as it is now. Anyone else knows how to deal with the moral dropping?
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else get anoyed trying to sign youth players to your team and have same **** persuading-lines? "yeah you are 15 years old, I would love to make you captain" seriously? Why not options like, "come join our modern youth facility where you can really become a superstar" or "Our academy developes player for our first team on a regular basis" or "Would you not love to play with Ronaldo(for example) on our team, isnt he your idol?" Trying to lure and persuade players to join should be more versatile.
  6. In a big way I agree with you. This year version of FM have had the least new features than before than in anyway satsify my requests. 3 of the big new announcement of this years version are IMO a fail. Manager on the touchline, Fantasy Draft and Create a Club all are stuff that more anoys me than before. I just wish that SI Games could concentrate on hardcore issues than trying to satsify a FIFAseries-friendly base of people. I wont however try to get a refund, as Ive already put too much hours in this beta. I could keep nagging on what I dislike about this version but then Id probably get a warning or ban from the mods so I better keep all my opinions for myself. On the plusside, this beta seems more smooth than other betas so maybe we dont have to cry out for a big patch an hour after releaseday this time.
  7. My impressions so far, not alot of new stuff than fm15. Having that said there wasnt that much "New Features" annouced from Si Games anyways. Ticking the boxes from SiGames own New Features, 1. Manager on the touchline, The face editor is a joke, why even bother? Looks awful and when are you suppose to see your face? Suits and colors fine but is that so much of a deal making it to a new feature theme? Should be on "And much more" 2. Fantasy draft- Eh... Football manager is just this?!?! 3. Create a club- Just tried a bit...but I agree with some.. Should be rename the club and put your colors for the kit. Feels mostly cosmetic. Dont think that will be something for me. 4. Stats, stats & more stats. I dont see it. So its a new partnership with Prozone. It feels like a new overlay that may be a bit more easier on the eyes... 5. Matchday experience. 2000 new animations ...oh wait what? Do you mean 2000 new moves for individual players or? It DOES look improved and with more moves than before I give you that. But 2000? More control when planning set pieces? Not what Ive experienced. Same old same old apart from other graphics and being able to put more routines to easier switch between which is good. New highlight package? 6. Improved screens. This feels good IMO. Always personal I guess. 7. Football manager touch.. Could not care less. 8.. Much more... hopefully much more.... Having this said I feel like I only give negative feedback here. But TBH, the new features wasnt that much from the start so I didnt expect that much either. The possitive is what I will experience when I play a few hundred hours.. the better ME, a lot of new small news that will put a smile on my face. Other than that... I would be happy with an updated databas every year and a new game every second year so you guys at SI have a bit more time with better new features.
  8. Wow... I thought... you had really done something to set pieces tactics(corners, free kicks and throw ins)..seeing the new look on tactics.. but I was wrong.. same old junk but with other graphics, and extra option to add routine 1 and 2 and so on. No more creative settings added. Not being able to have 2 or 3 people near corner taker for example, or two people attacking near post. Not being able to have more directions or orders on free kicks.
  9. Finally... Fm16beta is ON. I cant get past the fact about that you cant pic the damn color of the tie. I want to be able to have my clubs colors and the tie DO represent the club for some managers. Anoying! The face-editor is just too much. Its not sims
  10. First of all, I know I can be bitter sometimes in my(small amounts) threads or replies in here. I know the "houseRules" are for a reason and I didnt want to stir that up. But I still reckon its a valid question and poll. As I said, Ive always preordered myself and I AM gratefull for every patch. I just expect SI/SEGA too be better than the rest. Better than EA,(good example as any) Better than "everybody else is patching so we can too" Many of us in here enjoys countless of hours of the game, sometimes in pure love or in agony. Its the girlfriend you cant live with or without. The poll results clearly shows that no matter what we will buy a copy of this game no matter what. Just a matter of when.
  11. First of all, I admit, Im addicted. I love FM. I love the thrill of taking on a new game, new changes, new adjustments and stuff that is constantly changing the game. Ive been preordering the game since I dont even know when and been playing it since it was called Championship Manager. The hours on steam tells the story. 1200 hours(thats 50 full days 24/7) on each game, even 1400 on FM2010. But Im tired. Tired of getting a game that Needs patches to work properly. Tired of playing beta-games. Early Access. Id rather see a FM version every second year with an update of database only instead, giving SI the time to make the game properly. But money talks. I know that most fmgamers probably dont give a cracker about the game being just a bit broken, the urge for it is to strong, dont blame you. I rather wait a few months this time, paying half the price for a game thats full. Not the other way around. Its better for my sanity as well, and for my love. So, any other tired gamers out there? Do you got the patient to wait?
  12. Not sure if its me that cant understand this option or what. But I can seldom get a response from my team when calling a team meeting due to a poorley run of losses. It doesent matter if Ive lost 5 games in a row or just taken 4 points out of 9 games.. most often my team response is ........ Nothing. No one reacts at all. How many losses do you have to have to call in a proper team meeting to make them 1s and 0s to put at bit of an effort in next match. Anyone got the answer to when you are able to call it? For example, Im currently playing with Leicester season 2015/2016 and had a great start of season being on top 2 of premier league 15-20 games in. Now Im down to 7th and just dropping. I know I should be glad but last season I came 8th first year up. I want to be able to tell my players just a WEE bit more than the 3 poorley team meeting-lines that are now. " I know we are on a good place in the league but our current form is **** and we r dropping like the titanic" Sidenote.. Ive already decided to not buy the next version of this game as of the poorley bugs and bugs not being fixed on this version. Ill probably let myself down and buy a copy next summer for a proper discount that always come. But fullpris. Never again. Me and my mates are installing and uninstalling this game now and then... Hoping that we will overcome the bugs, but with the frustration and highbloodpressure its unistalled a bit later. I still love the game. Its the best thing out there, I just wish It could be Perfect once.
  13. Ill drop the sarcastic tone and drop down a notch. No worries.
  14. I dont mind if you consider me with a "lack of understanding" on how the transfermarket works on FM, I clearly see that you got all figured out. As well its obviously my fault as I manufacture the problems myself. Background work on transfers behind scenes? On FM or in IRL? First off, getting no bids is one thing. Getting none interest of a free player is another. 10-20 clubs that have significantly higher reputation than Arsenal is a little of understatement. But im sure you can tell me exactly what clubs that has same reputation or higher than Arsenal as its only 10 or 20. Im glad that you inform me about the transfer fees and agents fees as I didnt know that. Same goes with transfermarket with a few seasons in. Cheers! Are you serious? A situation that the game isnt coded to deal with? You know that for a fact? Cougar, ARE YOU MILES? You can tell me. I wont tell. Extreme situations? YES I WANT them to WASTE time coding so we can let players go without any transfer fee IF WE feel like it. If you dont, fine, But I want to. Being able to let a player go to release wagebudget are relevant to a standard save. Even though you reckon I dont know dip.
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