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  1. Im dieing to start a MLS game but want to wait until this is out. Any Ideas when you will release it Blue Lou?
  2. I have created the Albanian league down to Division 2 trying to recreate it as realistically as possible. Have also worked with transfer preferences to get realistic players coming to clubs mainly from Eastern Europe and Nigeria. Competitions: Superliga: Top league of 12 teams which is a double round robin. Bottom 2 teams are relegated with the 10th and 9th place teams going into a relegation play off with two teams from the First Division. First Division: 16 Team competition which is double round robin. 2 teams go up, 2 teams go into playoff for promotion against 9th and 10th placed superliga teams and 2 teams are relegated. Second Division: Two groups, one North and One South. North has 8 teams while South has 10 teams. Top team in each each group goes up. Albanian Cup: Interesting cup tournament. Starts with two qualifying rounds with just division 2 teams, then 2 rounds of double legged matches. All remaining teams then go into two groups with the top two in each group progressing to the semi final. Super Cup: Winner of Albanian Cup vs Winner of the Superliga. Download: http://speedy.sh/vbWuy/Albania.xml
  3. Yeh thats where I have looked but it hasn't work. I have tried restarting Steam one more time and if not, I will just have to wait a few hours.
  4. Any idea how to download the data editor? I can't find it in tools which was where you downloaded it last year on Steam.
  5. The target man attack can be a final point of play and doesn't have to be related to long ball. He can be a target for aiming for in the box after short build up play. You will need to get balls in the box for this to be effective but these balls can again be after intricate build up play. Think of Godeas as the player you want to fashion chances for, and then maybe use a deep lying forward or defensive forward to be an option in build up.
  6. My team currently plays a 4-4-2 with one of the cm's sitting deep as a DM. I am now looking to get the winger on his side to tuck inside when we are in possession to do two things: hopefully pull the other teams wide defenders inside, creating space for my very attacking wingback to fill and to secondly help us keep possession against sides which play 3 in the centre of the park. When we lose the ball, I am happy for him to defend outwide so we can create two solid banks of 4. I am settled on wide midfielder on support as the role but I am still struggling to get him to tuck inside effectively. I don't want to use the touchline shout get narrow, as won't this force my other winger inside which I definitely do not want to do. Any Ideas? On two other notes, I am struggling with two more tactical ideas. One being to get my deep forward to drop off when we are out of possession and apply pressure to the DM of another team, and secondly getting runners from deep into the box for crosses, as I am trying to create an overload in that area.
  7. I would be interested, let me know if you get people together and Ill join.
  8. I have decided to take over Conference South club Truro City and aim to play as realistically as possible. That means only signing players from local clubs, all players coming from the Devon area need to paid at least 100 pounds per week/game and players coming from Somerset or Dorset need to be on at least 200 pounds per week/game. As I move up the leagues, If I move up the leagues these restrictions will loosen. We start the season in administration and minus -10 points with only 9 players over the age of 17. I am still unable to sign any players and its going to be a long hard season with survival a priority. Pre-season update to follow
  9. Started a game with Portsmouth and it is really tough. Im in the middle of September and have l so far won 2, drawn 2 and lost 6. Goals have been a real problem as we have lost so many games 1-0. I brought in Radek Cerny who has been sensational in goal making plenty of amazing saves, while I have also brought in Michael Ngoo to give us some height and power up front or on the wings, Kroistian Adorjan, to give us an option to play in behind the striker, Michael Doughty who is a quick hardworking versatile midfielder and Thomas Carrol who is a class above with his workrate, vision and skill on the ball. All have come in on loan with no wages or fees. My three top performers have been Lubomir Michalik and Adam Webster who both have been sensational, dominating everything in the air, while Ashley Harris has been our main creative and goalscoring threat. Weakest players have been Josh Thomson and Gabor Gyepes who are great in the air but make so many mistakes, as well as Izale McLeod who has yet to even threaten to score. I am getting to the stage now where players contracts are expiring so lets see how I survive squad wise come January when my few decent players contracts expire.
  10. Hi I am into my second season with Millwall and I am have started to struggle really badly. I currently play a 4-4-2 and a 4-4-1-1 against stronger sides. My side is the strongest and most hard working in the league, and I have very large centrebacks and strikers. My midfield is hardworking, tough tackling but it also has some players who can really pass a ball. From my understanding, I should play an attacking strategy to get my wingers high up the pitch in order to get balls into the box, but since trying this my defence is really exposed and just not fast enough to handle the counter attacks. I currently play FB- Support CB- Limited D Cml- Box to Box Cmr- Ballwinning/Deep Lying playmaker(depending on the player) W- Winger attack Fwd L- Poacher At Fwd R- Target Man Support Can I get any tips?
  11. Hi I am trying to expand Spain to level 5. The Tercera division(level 4) works perfectly but thats due to the leagues for it already being in the game. Setting level 6 is proving to be quite harder. I need to create several new divisions as the league at that level is regionalised with each region having different rules. My Problem is that Im trying to create for example the Galicia regional leagues. The League is split in two, North and South with the winners and runner up being promoted to the Tercera Group 1. I have tried creating Galicia as a total new division as well as a sub-division in a division I called regional leagues, but neither are working well. The Galicia I created doesn't come up on the Sub-Divisions list. My other idea is to create each region as an individual league with groups if it has them, but I do not think the game will allow one league to relegate to several different leagues. Any ideas or advice
  12. my performance improved massively when I stopped the updates appearing on the side
  13. I am quite close to my quota for the month for downloads, and I was hoping I could delay the update of my beta to full game until the 4th November when my quota starts again? Does anyone know how I can do this and stop the game updating itself
  14. I am really enjoying the game thus far, just found a small error, despite subscribing to the league and asking for all transfers in the league to be sent to my inbox, I am not getting any.
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