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  1. At the moment i'm Man Utd and doing pretty well in most games using a 433 formation (4,1,2,2,1 if you like). However the part that is letting me down is when i'm playing bigger teams away. I struggle to win these games and end up losing by quite a margin. Are there any formations that you could recommend me using that will make me more harder to break down and to snatch wins more? Thanks.
  2. oh right ok. I'm sure sometimes in the past with other players I've eventually managed to get them a work permit after being at the club so long.
  3. I am Man Utd and have quite a lot of young players still need work permits who I have signed. What is the easiest way in acquiring them? It seems like every time I apply for one they get rejected. Could someone please tell me the correct procedure. Thanks.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else find FM 16 really difficult? I've started 3 seasons now with Man Utd and ended up getting sacked in each one in the first season! I've tried changing up tactics but nothing seems to help. I've played Football Manager for years now and never had this happen. It just seems to be taking the fun out of it.
  5. I tried playing the demo yesterday but when i tried starting the game my monitor would suddenly go to sleep and i couldn't get the screen back on. I have now got the full version, just started a new game however the monitor has gone to sleep after 15 minutes playing. Can someone please help?
  6. I have installed Football Manager 2013 and started a new career however the game keeps minimizng back to the desktop every couple of minutes. Can someone please help?
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