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  1. Yeah he's a regen. My scout tells me he will be good for the Championship, so hopefully he will develope into a good player for me, even if I have to sell him for a good profit. I did get him to sign a 3 or 4 yeah deal though so he wont be going anywhere soon, and he has a good relatinship with me and loves the club (got a news item saying so after I got promoted)
  2. I had J.Adam for York in BSP & League One but only got about 25 goals in 40-50 appearances. This guy is just unstoppable. Currently playing the BSP playoff final vs. Luton and losing 1-0... COME ON FROST!
  3. So I bought Mathias Frost on a free transfer for my FC United side. Obviously being in the BSP this guys stats were quite good, but didn't expect him to make such an impact like he did! 40 goals in 40(4) appearances, 12 assists! I've never even had any player that has got more than 20 goals a season in any of my saves. I had Jamil Adam once for my York City save and he was quite good, but unfortunately I can't get him to my FC United side. But this Frost guy is just wicked. I was lucky to get this guy actually. He wasn't scouted by one of my scouts, but Newport Co offered him a trial so I checked him out and his stats looked pretty good for a BSP player. Offered him a contract and so did Newport Co. Lucky me he accepted mine. Newport Co must have some awesome scouts because they keep signing friggin awesome players. PS: Just wanted to share this with you guys. Oh and didnt use the editor in any way, I don't cheat. Or FM genie or whatever it's called.
  4. 12.1.1 is the latest patch. Am I missing something here?
  5. LMAO this made me laugh. But on a serious note, luckily this has never happened to me. I save quite regularly just in case
  6. not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of default.xml That is what Im getting when trying to start FM12. Any idea guys? When I press OK it starts the game.
  7. Thats the problem, I dont know what capacity they are building. I didnt even get an email about a new stadium being built.
  8. I just started a new save with FC United (holidayed for 1 season). Now in my 1st playing season I get promoted to BSP. I get no news saying my club will be building a new stadium but when I check in the boardroom screen it says I'm building a new stadium and will be ready in 2016... It's currently 2013 ATM. In mhy previous save FC United had a stadium built in 1 year and now it's 3yrs. Why? And when I check my facilities it doesnt say I'm moving into a new stadium. Any idea guys why? My prev ious save it had told me I'll be moving into the new capacity stadium but now it's not. If someone can confirm this is a bug I'll be thankful so I dont wait 3yrs GT waiting for nothing and restart the game.
  9. Thanks Matt. Having these forums on an iphone/android app would kick butt. Navigating the forums on any of these devices is a pain in the butt.
  10. I second that. Got him in my first save with York City in the BSP. Best player ive ever gotten for my Lower league saves. Scored at least 20 every season. Very consistent too Cant get him to sign for my FC United team in L2 though (my beloved save ill never delete)
  11. I formatted my PC coz I had a lot of problems. But my resolution is still 1280x768 @ 60.00Hz (native) and am using a 26" HD Philips TV. Haven't tried FM just of yet but will do soon. Why is it that my 26" TV has smaller resolution than my 15.6" laptop?
  12. really? guess that's my problem then. Because that's what my PC tells me my resolution is. Knew something looked wrong. Thanks for pointing that out dafuge.
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