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  1. I have seen on another forum that someone had the below view options when looking back at previous matches. I asked the person what skin it was but never received a reply. Is it possible if you can tell me how I can do this? Cheers
  2. My starting strategy depends on whom I'm playing against. I generally start with Attacking but will start with Counter against the big guns like United, City etc. I've set up shouts just like Mr.Hough and again I generally start with his "Play Like Barca" shout. I'll alter the shouts depending on how the match is going. If I'm doing well and the highlights are dominated by my team then I won't change much. If nothing is happening, I'm losing or the opposition are having lots of chances then I'll make changes according to what I see or my assistant's feedback. It doesn't work all the time though because I just got stuff 3-0 away to United. I barely had a sniff and they should have scored more. They were 2-0 in the first 10 minutes though so it was obviously an uphill battle from then. I have training on Team Cohesion because I have quite a few players who don't speak English and I've brought in 3 or 4 players each transfer window. I leave Match Prep to my assistant.
  3. I have three formations but they're all a variation of 4-3-3 with a back 4 and front 3 of AML-AMR-STC. The differences are the centre mids where I have: 1st formation: DMCL-MCR-AMC 2nd formation: MCL-MCR-AMC 3rd formation: DMCL-DMCR-AMC I change depending on who I'm playing against, players available, rotating players etc.
  4. Hi guys, I don't write much on the forums but I read them a lot to get ideas and help with FM, and I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Cleon, Mr. Hough, WWfan and everyone else for what you've written on here about using the TC and implementing shouts. For the past few versions of FM I'd always downloaded "super tactics" that were just plug 'n' play and had great success with them, but since patch 13.1.3 came out and classic version tactics were no longer having the same effect, I was getting very frustrated and annoyed with FM13. Now I've made my own tactic using the TC, followed the guides on how to use shouts, and I'm top of the Prem with Nottm Forest in my second season! So it's proof that the TC works and even a tactical numpty like me can have success. Saying that, I haven't finished my second season yet so I've probably jinxed myself now. D'oh!
  5. Since the patch my teams' performances have been terrible. I'm in the second season of the game and before the patch I was 4th in the Prem with Forest. I'm now languising around midtable and falling quickly. We used to play great football, dominate possession and create lots of chances. Now the match highlights fly by with hardly any attacking plays for me, and the opposition always look like their going to score when they go forward.
  6. I second that. I've always found Mr.Hough's tactics to be the best of FM forums. Can't wait to try the next one for this new patch update.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice. I'm hosting a network game and my mate keeps having a problem in every match. When it gets into the second half of a match, the game starts to get slower and slower until the final whistle. The match settings are on key highlights, but the highlights themselves process at the normal speed, the problem is when the match clock is ticking forward without any highlights. Instead of it ticking along nicely, it gradually develops little pauses inbetween each minute. And these pauses become longer and longer until the match finishes. We're both on the same wireless network playing at my home, so I don't understand why it's doing this. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks Trig
  8. Hi everyone, The thread title says it all really. I have just bought a new laptop. Does anyone know if I can transfer FM12 to my new laptop? If so, how do I do it? Many thanks
  9. Hi everyone, As the title states, I'm curious as to what countries are best to send players to on loan to obtain a work permit. Belgium and Bulgaria are the obvious ones and I believe they take 3 years to obtain a work permit. Am I correct in thinking that you can send South Americans to Spanish clubs and it only takes 2 years to get a work permit? Are there any other countries other than the ones mentioned above?
  10. Thanks for the reply mate. I have learnt to have at least 2 full back subs on the bench. The best ones are those who can also play in central defence. To be honest, the full backs are fine as long as there is about 7 days in-between matches....but I'm always keeping an eye on upcoming fixtures now and using squad players to keep my best ones fresh. I suppose it's what managers do in real life as well. How's the winger tactic coming along?
  11. Mr Hough, Any tips on how to make my full backs not cover so many miles during the matches? The tactic is amazing and by far is the best I've ever used on FM. I've tweaked it a little bit as most people do (I've dropped the middle striker to AMC and Gourcuff is playing great in that role), but my only dislike is that the full backs get absolutely knackered. It appears to be because they simply run more miles than all the other players. I've tried dropping their mentality down a few notches but it didn't make any difference at all. Any help or advice you could give would be great.
  12. Hi, Just spent a good couple of hours reading through this thread whilst testing the ADV MOD tactic. I'm absolutley battering everyone and haven't come close to losing in 10 games. I generally prefer my teams to have wingers though so can't wait to use your new tactic tomorrow night. I know I'm not the first to say it but thanks for all the hard work Mr.Hough. I was getting very frustrated by having inconsistent performances from my team, but your ADV MOV tactic has brought my motivation back. P.S. The links for the player filters don't seem to be working. I click on download now on filefront website but then it stops due to webpage not being found :S
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