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  1. I ll try to change it and I will inform you, thank you again
  2. Dear Cougar2010, thanks for your quick reply, I thought 300k is total fine after 50 apperances, am I wrong ? You say I offered 300k for every game ?
  3. Dear friends, from yesterday I have a problem without solution. I try to take to me team ( Fenerbahce ) Emre Colak but I have transfer budget only 105k. I made an agreement with Emre s team for 100k but system doesn't allow me to make this transfer : Ask me transfer budget 6 million ... What do you think ? Something missing or just a bug ?
  4. I play football manager over ten years, what are you encounter this year I have not ever lived ... From where I begin and where I finish ... The bugs have not endless .. I put a player after injury two games in a row and he protest that I don't use him... ... What to answer? ... player who has low morale I say that i trust him and his morale falls more.. Is this a joke ? Those relating to the gameplay, and here the first time in ten years that I cant 'see' new season ... I pick Arsenal, Milan, Newcastle, Fenerbahce and Malaga and hopefully fired from all except Fener ... I take great teams play atacking result same ... I get small teams play DEFENCE same result ... I put great team to play DEFENCE the same ... Usually precede and post somewhere on delays ACCEPT laminated finish and I take the tie or lose ... Assuming the goal principle and play aggressively after losing definitely ... The logic is when you are back to playing offensive .... But if you do not play offence and play DEFENCE while I'm back I could get a draw ... incredible ... . Whatever team I have when I ask attacking football I has few shoots , In defence shape I had more shoots... Another "excellent" bug is late goals... Whatever system use -contain,defence,cuner,standart,control or attacking- conede late goals, so what is the meaning of tactics... The impression is that it was result is pro-arranged and much has to do only with morale of players, tactic inside the game has no real role.. Anoyther bug is order to players. I ask from my player to play man to man an opposition, he does everything except this... I win and I ask from my players to stay back in set pieces? Fine they are all in attack and we concede a goal counter... Unbelievable... I said to myself 'don't be nervous it is just a game'.. I am afraid that the problem it is only game, nothing with real football !
  5. i have exactly the same problem, played offensive ffotball I loose, played defensive I win, why ?
  6. Turkish League rules editing...

    My friend, i try rules/add national/Turkey/add..... /advanced rules... But there is no number of foreign players, or maybe there is, but with other way... Do you have any idea ? ( sorry i cant take screenshot right now... )
  7. Dear friends, just download data editor but can't find how can i change some competition rules in Turkish Spor-toto superleague... For being specific, i want to allow more than 6 foreign s in team selection... Is it possible and if yes how can i do it ?
  8. It seems exciting.... I hope except addional functions gameplay improving...
  9. guys; players are back on duty as 10th of July, so no problem... thanks for help...
  10. pretty bad any other idea ?
  11. i used it in the past, but not for this game and definitely not for Valencia... can i arrange the return date from the editor ?
  12. previous season the were back ...16 th of July... now they say about 22... in a couple of years they will be back after league begins
  13. Hello my friends, i have the Valencia team in season 2012-13 , season finishes and the sguad goes for vacation... How can arrange when they will be back for training ? I am asking you because message says that they will be back in 22th of July which is very late... Can you help me with this ?
  14. himm i understand... you are right, player is 19 years old ( in 2012 ). Am i able to move him in Valencia Mestalla any time in the season ?