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  1. The Sammarinese Challenge

    Nice one leonavich, great read and oh what drama, Hollywood stuff. just a shame there was no Hollywood ending to match.
  2. The Sammarinese Challenge

    For the second successive season, we finished 2nd , scored a lot of goals and had the league's top scorer. Second in Serie C2 meant automatic promotion, but second in C1/B is just top ranking in the play-offs. First leg of the play-off semi was away to Barletta, who I hadn't lost to in the two previous league games, where I won 3-1 away and drew 1-1 at home. We went 1-0 up in the semi, enjoying quite a comfortable first half and then on 41 mins Puccio decides to slide in on a player who was going nowhere, straight red and I'm down to 10 men. Barletta equalises early in the second half and Rossini scored on 62 mins to ensure we retake the lead. Then in the final 15 mins of the match my team couldn't holdout with only ten players and conceded two, meaning we lost the match 3-2. Although 2 away goals gave us a slight positive going into the 2nd leg at home. The 2nd leg began perfectly as the pre-match team talk obviously had a positive effect, the team were 2-0 up after 19 mins. So, now we're 4-3 up on aggregate and have 2 away goals and we're into the play-off final... But ohhh no, not yet, because Barletta pull a back on 30 mins to even up the score, 4-4 on aggregate. Although we still have two away goals to their one. With a few minutes left it looks like we're going into the final now, but no on 87 mins the season is over, Barletta score, take the lead on aggregate 5-4 and there isn't enough time for me to comeback. This season it seemed luck really wasn't on my side, all my youth intake are instantly forgettable, we had major long-term injuries scattered throughout the season to our best players. In-fact, in the last game of the league season. I had my two central midfielders playing with injections, the goalie having to start the match on 75% fitness and another two players injured during the game and still out on the pitch. I was also down tomy two third choice centre backs for a large proportion of the season, as the first and second choice were out injured. It also seemed like I drew and lost many games where I created most the clear-cut chances, took the most shots and dominated possession. Right at the moment where I needed my best players most they suffered serious injuries. Star player from last season Bombardini, left winger Villanova and right winger Bart Scalise (topscorer in Serie C1/B with 22 goals) were all out for months, missing the last few games of the league season and the play-offs. Scalise and Villanova were 2 of the 3 highest avg rating players in the whole league, my midfielder Ingrao was the other. All three were part of the Serie C1/B Team of the Year. The few other positives for the season were the fact the team went 34 games scoring in a row and only lost a league low 5 Serie A C1/B league games. In terms of individual awards, Marco Villanova won the Italian Serie CB/1 Player of the Year award and Ingrao was runner-up. Gutting I didn't go up to Serie B first time of asking, simply because of the boost in finances it would have provided. The club is continuing to lose around £200,000 per month, I want to reduce the wages to £15-20,000 per week, but that will mean selling or loaning out my best players on the highest wages. Although it seems very difficult to sell my good players, even for 0 or just loan them out, as no teams are biting. 2nd season in pictures: Starting XI: http://imageshack.us/f/855/best11201213.jpg/ Final league table: http://imageshack.us/f/708/2ndseasonc1b.jpg/ Club player records: http://imageshack.us/f/546/clubrecords.jpg/ Club team records http://imageshack.us/f/11/sanmarinoteamrecords.jpg/
  3. The Sammarinese Challenge

    I'm midway through my second season, in Serie C1/B and I'm losing around £200,000 per month, £2m in debt, bankrupt, in receivership and only just over the £32,187 weekly wage budget. I would be in an even poorer state financially, but the board have injected money into the club on a regular basis over the last two seasons. Were you guys in the same situation in the first/second season? I'm afraid I'm going to lose all my promising players for nothing. The club's finances are a mess, but most of the players aren't letting it effect their performances, although a couple have had a word with me. Slight update, the board has restructured the £2m debt and now my balance is 0, good news as I was getting worried. We are currently 2nd in the league, one point off top, have the best goal difference and have scored the most goals. I have decided to move my star wingers of last season Ingrao and Bombardini into the centre of midfield, as they are both not the quickest. Plus my two young wingers, Villanova and 16 year old youth graduate and San Marino sensation Bart Scalise, have played their way into the first team. Bart is a revelation, his first season as a pro and he has 13 goals from 14 starts, all from the right wing.
  4. The Sammarinese Challenge

    Firstly, I'm using FM12 as I figured FM13 wasn't worth upgrading to. I try to keep the game as challenging and realistic as possible, as I love the challenge of figuring out my own tactics, training etc and only buy players that I know purely from real life or that my scouts find themselves. I've decided to only manage the club and start as a Sammarinese Brian Clough with a Sunday League reputation. I have already played the first season and just about gained promotion after finishing 2nd in the league, thanks to fairly consistent form and a 12 game unbeaten run after a shaky start and end to the season. Manager Profile: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/5867/sanmarinofm12managerpro.jpg http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/5867/sanmarinofm12managerpro.jpg 1st season final league table: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/3131/1stseasonleaguetable.jpg Starting 11 for 1st season: http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3510/first11for1stseason.jpg Club records: http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/2619/clubrecords.jpg First season I literally just went for broke and bought a whole new squad of free transfers purely from scout recommendations. I believe 9 of my starting 11 were new signings. My best buy was former Italy international Cristiano Doni. He was marked as suspended for the first few games. I then wondered why he was still suspended after a few games and hovered my mouse over the suspended icon, turned out he had a 3 year WORLD BAN! Not such a great signing then, I blame my scout for recommended him to me! I owe all my attacking success last season to my front three, who helped the club get the record amount of goals for a Serie C2/A team with 76 goals. Lone striker Rossini was the top scorer in the whole league with 20. 37 year old Davide Bombardini scored a surprisingly high 17 league goals from the right wing and left winger Marco Ingrao grabbed himself 19 league assists from 32 games. A regular goal combination seemed to be Ingrao crossing wide from the left to Bombardini arriving unmarked at the back post. I'm really excited about some of my young players, my scout found an unattached 16 year old Italian defender who had no past club on his profile, so I took him on a trial and then snapped him up asap! I didn't even know you could find youth players who didn't start at a club? Here he is: http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/8772/cozzolino.jpg I also got a GOOD SAMMARINESE youth player midway through last season's youth intake with a great name: http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/9895/dothebartman.jpg Another decent Sammarinese player my scouts found was: http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/3742/stefz.jpg
  5. Forget Carrick, Parker offers so much more than him it's untrue, plus Parker's range of passing isn't too shabby. I'd also favour Huddlestone over Carrick, as he offers similar skills but I would argue is a more penetrating passer.
  6. Oh ye I knew I forgot a RB, I agree I think Walker will be England's 1st choice in the near future.
  7. I'd play 433 and this 1st 11 for the next 2/3 years: GK Hart RB Johnson v poor oppo. Kelly/Richards v good oppo. CB Terry CB Dawson/ Ferdinand if fit LB Cole then Baines DMC PARKER CM Wilshere CM Lampard or Gerrard, whoever is in better form RW Johnson then Walcott ST Rooney then Carroll or Bent/Defoe LW Young/Johnson/Rooney
  8. wtf is going on? England are playing well with 433 again, even with a reserve side, why didn't we play like this in the World Cup? Not quite Spain or Holland quality but it's a start! It has been so obvious this was the way to play, I'm just so frustrated it has taken Capello this long to change things. 433 suits England's best defensive and attacking players simple as that.
  9. It's not just the fact England failed, it's the fact we were absolutely hopeless v 3 of football's lesser nations and were DESTROYED by a German team that we should at the very least compete with. If we losted on pens after an even game fair enough but we didnt.
  10. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    I can't see us beating Germany as the same problems still exist, Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney are being completely comprised by their restrictive roles in the team and England's nervy rushed passing and movement are just appaling compared to pretty much any half decent country. If you watch England they completely lack any sort of composure or calmness on the ball compared to most other nations. It's embarrasing really that a country of our pedigree can't play with the fluidity and assuress seen by other lesser and equal teams. Our players either hoof it or force the issue far too soon by trying passes that just aren't there.
  11. Player Power v The Manager should reign supreme

    Players should be openly encouraged to have their input on all decisions and be free to speak their mind, but then the manager has the final say and they have to except it. I'm very frustrated to hear that Capello supposedly blocked Terry and co from giving their opinions yesterday. Surely he should welcome their opinions on all matters as they are a team after-all, they should be as one, not just the manager saying this is how it's going to be and I'm not interested in your opinion. How is that a team? Surely that attitude is gonna cause conflict and tension hence the **** performances so far.
  12. Capello to quit if England fail...

    I said it when we first appointed Capello, if England can't play well with a manager of his calibre in charge then we might aswell give-up all together. Yeah we may still win on Wednesday and do ok but that does not excuse the underachieving issues we are having now and have had for the past 40 years or whatever. There's fundamental things wrong with the English game as the players perform as good as any others for their clubs so why not for England? You can't say well they just aren't as good, because they are when playing for their clubs so that argument does not work. Ability wise it's there but mentally there's something wrong throughout the team, whether that's a lack of ability to adapt to new ways of thinking or a stubborn attitude on a manager's football philosophies on tactics and coaching I don't know. Although it doesn't help when Capello has compromised all the attacking players who have excelled at club level by playing them in different roles to their clubs. Gerrard left mid, Rooney with a strike-partner and Lampard too reserved and defensive.
  13. Should England Play 433

    Hmm so apparently the players are having a meeting with the manager and they aren't happy with the system and want J Cole in. This seems a very productive, positive thing to do but why are they only doing this now? If they had issues with the manager why didn't they do this 2 games ago or during qualification? That's the problem with England as a nation in all aspects of life they are reactive instead of proactive only reacting to a problem after the event after the damage is done.
  14. Should England Play 433

    Even if that were the case, drop Lampard for Carrick sorted as Barry and Carrick are usually very composed on the ball and are very positionally aware ok they won't do anything spectacular but they are very good at retaining possession and picking a pass. Then have Cole and Lennon feeding Rooney upfront with Gerrard just behind. 433 is still the tactic we should be using no matter what players start purely because our best players play at their peak within it, simple as that.
  15. Should England Play 433

    Rooney can play as a lone striker that is fact as shown last season so you're wrong there Pires and i'm not impressed with your line-up, Gerrard at right mid err no he's a central midfielder one of the World's best, play him there ffs. I see no reason why Lampard and Gerrard can't play together in a 3 man midfield if given differing roles. Lampard can get more advanced and get into the box while Gerrard can stay further back taking advantage of his defensive ability, dictating play and lurking outside the box taking advantage of his long shots. Gerrard was excellent at this more reserved deeper playmaker role for Liverpool in a 442 when they had Heskey and Owen upfront. Gerrard's through balls to Owen were almost telepathic.