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  1. Your longest winning streak

    15 Win in rows and also 44 Matches unbeaten For first time ever in 16 season as Liverpool Manager, I have now Finished the Premier League 38 Games Unbeaten which won 36 and Drawn 2 Lost 0 I am Very proud of it
  2. Why am i not a legend/icon?

    To be Legend.....You need to win Few more Serie A and champs league Good Luck
  3. Why am i not a legend/icon?

    What Team are you? You need to win more to be Legend
  4. IF I want make a comments on FM 2010 on my progress and what do I need to type to get people attention? Is that commands in twitter such as like this #FM 2010 My Team Won the FA CUP by Beating MAN UTD 6-0
  5. FM 2010 as I am on my 12 Season at the moment and I dont know if I can carry on like alex ferguson of 25 Season!!! How does Alex Ferguson played 25 season in Real Life manager of Man Utd and still never get Bored !!! LOL
  6. 12 Seasons with Liverpool at the moment and planning go for 25 season then will change different club
  7. New Computer

    check this out http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/barebones.html
  8. Have you ever won Quadruple?

    I am on year 2022 (FM 2010) The only weakest in my team is Right Back and I doing lots of scouting during the World Cup finding Really Good Right Back Here my First 11 team GK - IGOR AKINFEEV (LEGEND !!!) AGE 35 DL - DAVID BRITO AGE 21 DC - ADAM MANNING AGE 28 DC - SEAN JONES AGE 25 DR - JORDAN SPENCE AGE 32 DM - ALEJANDRO AGE 25 MC - CRISTIAN BERZERO AGE 30 MC - AARON RAMSEY AGE 31 AM - SERGIO AGUERO (LEGEND!!!) AGE 34 ST - RAMON LOPEZ PEREZ AGE 23 ST - FEDERICO SENA AGE 22 SUB 1 - DONNY ADELAAR AGE 26 SUB 2 - DARNEL SITU AGE 30 SUB 3 - GARETH BALE AGE 32 SUB 4 - IVAN MARCANO AGE 34 SUB 5 - EDEN HAZARD AGE 31 SUB 6 - KIM HYUM II AGE 29 SUB 7 - MATTIA DESTRO AGE 31 THESE TWO couldnt play Champ league because I bought them in January ! BYRON MORALES AGE 28 GENNARO FRANCIA AGE 23 RUBEN VERA AGE 20 - He was on LOAN for rest of the season which cover Right Back and Left Back to rotate my players to make my player fresh for next game
  9. I have amazing Season and the champ league cup(even thought I won 4 Champ league cup in 12 season!) was harder cup I ever won by beating like of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter ! Won the Premier League 7TH Times in Rows Won the League Cup by Beating Bolton 1-0 Won the FA CUP by beating Tottenham 5-0 Before my team played against Real Madrid champ league Quarter final.....we had poor record against them and it is time to change that! CHAMP LEAGUE Quarter Final 1ST Legs Liverpool 3 Real Madrid 1 CHAMP LEAGUE Quarter Final 2ND Legs Real Madrid 0 Liverpool 4 CHAMP LEAGUE Semi Final 1ST Legs Liverpool 3 Barcelona 1 CHAMP LEAGUE Semi Final 2ND Legs Barcelona 1 Liverpool 2 CHAMP LEAGUE Final Inter 2 Liverpool 4 (Extra time) On Champ League Final......On 70mins....My team was 2-1 down and I had to do somethings with my Tactic. So I change from 4-1-2-2-1 TO 3-2-3-2 and I am really glad that we score last mins to force inter to play Extra time. I knew my team going get stronger in extra time and we beat them 4-2 to win the Quadruple for first time in 12 season! IT`S AMAZING FEELING of winning the Quadruple and I would like to do again! Have you ever won the Quadruple?
  10. I am Closing on Being GREATEST Manager of ALL TIME if I Win the Premier League for 7TH Times and also hopefully to win Champ League( It`s harder to win it thought! )
  11. Best FM?

    FM 2010 is the best FM I ever played and I am on 12 Season at the moment. I am Closing on to be Greatest Manager of All time when I win the Premier League for 7TH Times Hopefully !
  12. I am enjoying the game but it is bloody Hard thought!
  13. My First season is Finished My Old Tactic was 4-4-2 DIAMOND WON 8 DRAWN 4 LOST 7 I had to do somethings about it because My team werent scoring enough goals I decide to change new Tactic which is 3-4-3 Won 10 Drawn 7 Lost 2 We were scoring lots of goals and we came 5th place but it was 3 Points behide Arsenal .......I want 4th Place to get into Champ League and Next season.....I think my team can do it for TOP 4
  14. I see....I have never done that.....I got some learning to do LOL