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  1. please share with us looks nice 1.
  2. what is the best mode 1920*1080 or lower resolutions.i use 1024 *768
  3. also has game . we know also update makers create him i don't know how will i remove correct 1? by using fm editor. which update i downloaded and started new save 1 have 2 odegaard how can i remove with use fm editör?
  4. kevin volland in my chelsea save amr raumdeuter had 30 goal only league .1st season
  5. when i play chelsea 2 time i got sacked first season won the league with 20 point difference 2 nd season end of september again we had 1st but squad happiness made it.key players unhappiness or 2 3 player unhappiness . i didn't put them 1st team like zouma etc youngsters.grrr.deleted everytime those saves
  6. league finished before 6 week ago .kevin volland amr raumduter beast mode
  7. 1st season 1 match minus 26/27 3 rd position. cl quarter final i had . they sacked me.
  8. fm12 with grid system damiao 120 goal only league performance 150 totally.now fm 15 with messi 72 goal.
  9. yes works well. if mata still seems at chelsea.personal wrong
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