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  1. I have already, however it's not just an issue with one skin, happens with a few. Made this in the hope someone more knowledgeable than I in skinning knows which XML file and line to edit to adjust it's position.
  2. So I watch matches in 2D Classic, zoomed in quite a bit. However with some skins it causes this toolbar to cover the far side of the pitch making it hard to see certain bits of play. Is there a way I can move/modify the position of this toolbar? Thanks in advance
  3. Excellent skin! Playing with it now, is there a way to move the postion of this toolbar further up? I like to play with 2D pitch and it zoomed in a bit and the toolbar covers up the side of the pitch. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, Did anyone ever release an Office themed skin for any of the Football Manager games? Cheers
  5. Hi, I've tried this tactic now with Man Utd and Celtic and it's been great. I'd say I've tried near enough every tactic on here so far and if I was being honest I'd have to say has been the best so far. Quite hard to play 4-3-3 with some teams but the tactic works great. Cheers!
  6. Hi, Whenever I try launch the editor I get the following page. As you can see it's all out of place so I'm unable to use it. I've tried in compatibility mode, run as administrator etc but no change at all. I'm running Windows 8, 6GB Ram, 1TB Hard Drive. Can anyone advise how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm more on about that season, they played the 3-5-2. Not specifically that one night in Seville. Sorry if the title has confused anyone.
  8. Thanks for the input, quality post so much appreciated. I was about 14 at the time so if I'm honest I remember watching all the games but didn't have much of a tactical insight at that time. Another thing I was looking to do which could be very difficult is to find "like for like" players nowadays that would fit into the squad and formation. So, Izaguirre like Agathe.... etc. Is there any (realistic players) that are similar to Larsson, Balde, Petrov, Thompson? Thanks again for any suggestions.
  9. Hi guys, has anyone tried re-creating this tactic? If so, how did you do it? I've tried to go for the same formation that they lined up with as below; I've tried re-creating it many times but can't seem to get the Team Instructions etc right. Can any advise on anything at all? Thanks in advance.
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