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  1. This may be just me but I'd like the game to be a little harder. I find that once I get a suitable formation I can win everything and that obviously isn't the case in real football. Maybe more shock results and better AI would be the solution but either way, I think some formations are way overpowered
  2. Too many goals

    Thanks for the reply Marc, I've sent you an email (hopefully successfully...) with my saved game.
  3. Too many goals

    I'd definitely have to agree with this. With Newport County using a custom 5-3-2 attacking I made up, I have 147-28 (for-against) after 37 games! Either I'm the special one or something iffy has gone on. Sadly I think the latter..
  4. Error remembering data when loading game

    I tried both, same result
  5. Last night I did my Southend career for a period of time before saving it and going to bed. This morning I woke up, loaded it and there were several issues. My formation and tactics had been reset, which didn't really matter but more importantly, the progress made by my players in the last session had been reset. For example, last night Liam Dickinson had made real progress with a lot of his attributes increasing but this morning, he was back to how he used to be. Any ideas why guys? Cheers