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  1. As a Celtic fan I'm following this with interest Amazing results against Rangers and Spurs! And still in shock seeing Lawwell splash the cash for facilities improvements and increased transfer budget, haha. Funnily enough, I've also recruited Mimms, Pauwel, Deane and Bunn for my staff at Strasbourg in Ligue 2.
  2. Rashidi, I'm mostly a lurker here but I wanted to post and thank you for changing the way I see the game. I had taken a long break from FM (14 was the last version I played) and I was finding this version frustrating and challenging. My own tactics (based upon my own 'understanding' of football) were falling apart, mainly due to conceding far too many goals. My frustration led to giving up trying to create anything of my own and I turned to tactics others had made. Although some are relatively successful, I never felt satisfied as I didn't feel in control of how we played and therefore didn't feel in a strong position to know how to alter the outcome of matches using those tactics - especially as they are invariably overflowing with TIs/PIs. After following your recent postings I realised that my misunderstanding of mentality was rendering everything else I was trying to create in my own tactics more difficult. I now understand the folly of taking SI's descriptions of the various mentalities as literal and correct, and that has completely changed my game experience. As you have already mentioned, this really needs addressing by SI as I think it is a core element contributing to the exasperation of many who post in the forums admitting nothing seems to be working for them. It's probably no coincidence that most of those who struggle are playing with control or attacking mentalities. For anyone wondering if what Rashidi has mentioned works, I am unbeaten since changing my approach and my defence is rock solid (despite it being a fairly standard back 4 set-up that had previously been leaking goals left, right and centre). My most recent match was as heavy underdogs away to a strong side. I played defensive mentality with a pushed up back line and strategically targetted certain areas of the pitch for heavy closing down. The opposition had 1 shot on goal the whole match (it was an off-target long shot!) whereas I had 19 (with 10 on target). I had 68% possession and completely bossed the match from start to finish. Yes, it was defensive mentality but it was certainly not a defensive performance. Again Rashidi, thank you for continuing to share your ideas and for trying to help others find the game more enjoyable and rewarding. Edit - forgot to add, I also prioritised players who are strongest in work rate & teamwork instead of picking my 'best' players and I feel that is having a positive impact too - so much so that I'll likely be offloading the ones who fall short in this area.
  3. Congratulations on your creation It seems, from my trials, that it possesses both defensive solidity and pleasing interplay. I've traditionally played narrow formations where I rely on wingbacks to provide width, which works well but, of course, it often ends up leaving you exposed around the flanks/channels. When I saw you had fullbacks on support duty with no attacking wide men I wondered if it'd struggle to penetrate the opposition but it really doesn't. The movement from midfield is great and the BTBs can occupy the half space without wingbacks getting in their way. Both strikers dropping deep, together with the advancement of the 3 midfielders, seems to allow for overloading the gap between the opposition defence and midfield and good opportunities for through balls with plenty of willing runners. Having those options also seems to reduce long shots (I know you have 'shoot less often' selected in PIs but even that doesn't stop long shots in my own tactics!). Really fun tactic - thanks for sharing!
  4. I wouldn't give up on it just yet. I've tried it in the full version and it's magnificent (especially defensively). I was overperforming in my league (French Ligue 2) before I used it so morale was already pretty high but I was conceding far too many goals. Last four games all won with a slight variation of your tactic 3-0, 1-0, 1-0, 1-0. It obviously isn't a tactic for scoring a plethora of goals but it's the most solid I've managed to get my defence in FM17 so far. I love clean sheets and would rather win 1-0 than 4-3. I made a few changes up front to decrease predictability - lone FC set as Treq, second attacker in either AML or AMR as IF/A and the BBM changed to CM/A. I have the Treq and IF/A set to swap positions as both my guys are comfortable in either position. It won't turn teams into a goal machine but it results in a greater variety of attacking from different parts of the pitch. Also removed hard tackling and asked all except BWM to stay on feet as I was picking up far too many cards. Your slump may have been extended due to a morale issue rather than a tactical one. I'm hard on my players the first game they disappoint but if they continue to underperform I switch to a strategy of trying to build back their confidence with encouragement and sympathy to avoid a couple of bad games becoming a freefall.
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