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  1. saAudit2005MT.dll

    So now I have sorted everything just now I load it up says it needs the Disk! now I downloaded Daemon & can not find the ISO to mount ? **** this is so complicated
  2. saAudit2005MT.dll

    How do you do that dont I need to mount it with daemon tools or somthing ?
  3. saAudit2005MT.dll

    So I copied both of the files into System 32 and kept them in football Manager 2010 aswell. Now it loads up & says I need the football Managaer disk :S hmm so confusing were to go from here
  4. Hey! ok so I go to start the game and I get Failed to setup Graphics system what do I do! any help would be much apreciated.
  5. I get what you meen mate. I just figured bringin Bojan over would be good . I didnt bring him free or anything I didnt change the game rastically I just changed his favoured club. not the biggest cheat ever. also can we get back to my main questions asking for help any 1 plz .?
  6. aye mate just to bring Bojan over. everything else is good no change didnt change players or values or skill nothing like that. the game is boring like that. is cheating a huge no no on here.. ?
  7. Mate I just bid for Aguero he came. (maybe it's a glich) I didnt pay 8 million for Bojan. I changed his favoured club to Rangers. made it easier for the transfer. he was sold for 8 million even tho he had a 16 million relase clause.
  8. Heya every one. rite I am playing with Rangers in the SPL. I currently playing in my second season in charge at Ibrox. Last year I finished 1st and won the treble. all thought with that being said I finished dead last in the Champions League group stages.(disapointing) I have built a great squad for the SPL but they are not up to European Level. I am currently in Febuary in my second season having missed out yet agian in Champions League finishing dead last. I have this season brought in some good players and had some young very promising players sold on me due to the board overiding me. here is players I have brought in. David Odonkor (Loan Betis) Benoit Costil (525k) Harry Kewell (Free) Hernan Crespo (6.25Million) Great buy !! Luke Moore (Free) Thomas Sorensen (free) Joses Nunes (Free) Great signing !! Oier Olazabal (825k) Ryan Giggs (free) Ronaldo (free) started terrible started to pick up was sold in January Landon Donovan (4.4 Million) started shaky is now first team regualar. Andres Mendoza (1.2 million) good back up player John Heitinga (10.5 million) good replacment for Nic Vidic Henrik Larsson (1.7 million) scored on his debut and at 38 is still scoring goals. some of my promising players were sold (due to the Board) Bojan (8million) was first team regualr scoring goals Georginio Wijnaldum (3.5 million) was first team regualr at 18 ... here is my current squad GK's Vincent Enyeama Oier Olazabal Deffenders John Heitinga George McCartney Carlos Cuellar Jose Nunes Alan Hutton Steven Smith Midfielders Barry Ferguson Kevin Thomson Andrey Arshavin Steven Naismith Harry Kewell Andres Mendoza Sergio Aguero (wonderkid amazing) Landon Donovan Strikers Kris Boyd Hernan Crespo Luke Moore Henrik Larsson were due I need improvment were do I start to build a good squad to compete at European level..? any help would be every so apreciated. all the best Lyladd
  9. Rangers fc

    Hey need some help with Rangers. I know about bringin in qaulity youth. but im looking for some advice on what players would help e make a push for the spl title. also what players should I ship out.
  10. Awright ladds. I'm playing with Rangers I would like to know what sort of players I could bring in to boost the squad. also what players should I look to shift out. any help would be greatly welcomed