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  1. Could you please put up any player instructions, I play on the xbox and would love to try this out?
  2. Has anyone noticed that the analyst overview on the scouting screen never seems to work. It is always just blank. It just shows the player name and club. It does not show the num pros, num cons or the scout rec. Is this a bug?
  3. Do you use any player instructions? I play on the Xbox series x,do have to copy everything over to use tactics. This tactic looks very stable like I need.
  4. Can you post any player instructions you use please? I would like to copy this to my xbox save.
  5. Do any of your tactics not use PI's. I play on the xbox and would love to manually input one of your tactics into the game. The screenshot never show PI.
  6. Has anyone got a link to any of knap`s fm 08 tactics where the link still works.It would be a life saver
  7. Thanks knap you are the best. Is there any chance i could get v2 of the control tactic please.
  8. I would love a new link that worked to the sexy football tactic on 09. I had it on my computer but i had a problem and had to knock all the stuff off my computer. Any would be helpfull
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