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  1. How is Eder Balanta looking? Heard hes been impressing alot in real life lately
  2. Didn't even think of toning down the training intensity, cheers lads!
  3. First of all I'm sorry for creating another one of these threads about injuries, my internets being a pain atm so trying to locate threads is horrendous. I'm currently averaging around 2 injuries per game, leaving (literally) half of my first team out on the sidelines, at this rate I won't be able to field a first 11. Does anyone have any hints or tips for tactics which can help avoid injuries? would be much appreciated thanks!
  4. So it is, only got a year left didn't notice that haha!
  5. Just a small problem, but playing my Leverkusen save I just noticed that Leno's value is at 950k. I'm only in 2016 which means he hasn't even hit is prime yet. I'm confused as I believe his value at the start of the game is around 5 million isn't it? Why the big drop all of a sudden?
  6. Crazy game I saw on my news feed thanks to Dani Carvajal for his abysmal rating, had to check it out and was pretty surprised. France keep getting results like this they will be lethal in the coming years.
  7. Getting better every game for us isn't it? gotta laugh though, only way to hide the pain ........
  8. How is this unrealistic? Liverpool are still sitting in the bottom half of the table, I think you've run into a case of ultra-realism
  9. This has happened to me, I believe it is a known issue and has to do with the shouts during a match or something
  10. Yeah its not the highlight of the game to be honest, I'd rather have team talks that relate to the game, such as "focus on x individual and pressure him into making errors" and "focus on x area of the field, create space" rather than just say how bad or well they've been playing.
  11. Thought this would be a fun little thread to create, so who's been your biggest signing so far? I'm quite proud that I managed to sign highly-acclaimed spanish wonderkid Isco from Malaga in my Everton save, despite sacrificing Leighton Baines in the process
  12. Seems alot slower to me, especially when creating tactics as it seems to take quite a while to drag the players around, hoping this is an issue that can be fixed and not just an observation of how bad my laptop is
  13. That may be the problem, it happened in the first half where all the options went dark and wouldnt let me select anything, but went back to normal after half-time!
  14. Is there a reason I can't make subs, change strategy or instructions during a game? or is this a bug? It was working fine in my first match but now for some reason it isn't letting me change anything
  15. You kiddin'? Berlusconi's ma homie! #ThugLife Haha!
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