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  1. ~> Scouting: Scouts alwaysfind the same-old stars. It's not really realistic. Scouting thing should be made more diversified. Also scouts should watch more young players in age of 15 and smth like that. ~> Sponsors: I think there should be chance to sign a contract with sponsors after old ones end. There should be a list of sponsors with who You can sign a contract. ~> Real life: Maybe there should be some real life stuff included, like You can buy houses, cars and etc with Your wages. And also there should be some news about Your team players real life. Like someone got a child or someone got wedding or someone have smth to do with cops (drugs and etc) and stuff like that. I think it would make game more ineresting. ~> Match engine: It really sucks, should be made more realistic. ~> Injuries: There's way too much and long injuries, it should be fixed.
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