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  1. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately life was a bit too busy for me to get back on. So firstly the tactic as it is, I will say I think it needs a little work although it has its moments where it performs. Obviously I can't always stick to the same players with injuries for example. First I'll focus on recent results (I left out the 4-2 win V Palace as I actually used that with the CM's the wrong way round.) As you can see, it is a mixed bag. The 0-0 V Spurs was actually not too bad, they dominated possession which I suspected with 61% and as a result they did ha
  2. Never realised this could be as important as it is but will definitely take that on board, but first of all I will try to focus on the tactic in hand first. It is the same tactic although the CM(A) is on the left side of midfield and CM(S) on the right. I think I want to try to understand the changes I could make and why. Like options I have thought already is AP if maybe I'm not seeing the creativity when we do have the ball. He could be a vital component into bringing the others into play. I do also wonder the WB/FB or W/IF swapping due to the Winger and WB b
  3. That's absolutely fine. The only reason I looked at the other tactic was thinking of having two different styles depending on who I was playing. However I guess I can try to utilise that with the one tactic. By keeping the foundations but encouraging slightly different options. In regards to the counter attack. I think I will watch it play out a couple of games and then try to analyse it and up date then instead of looking at another tactic/formation. I'll try to provide some updates after I've watched a couple of games and maybe explore what I think in my head as well as to make
  4. So I guess looking back I was actually probably better employed with the initial idea I had of having the CM(A) on the left rather than the right whereby I talked myself into making it wrong, although that is just a good option for a learning curve. I imagine if I used the AP(A) role and the left as an IW(S) then it could see me want to possibly look at tweaking the midfield positions to prevent this occupying of the same space as I'd need to watch the role closely to see how it would behave with IW(S) or IF(A) next to it. I think although you mentioned there are potentially a couple more twea
  5. Thanks @Zemahh some definite points for me to consider, especially in terms of someone performing particularly poorly in the last few games, I've always been to hopeful on their stats. @Experienced Defender So taking your points into account. My first thought is to swap to LOE to lower (avoiding the extreme much lower as I don't want to wait unti teams are practically in my box) and upping the defensive line back to standard. This not only invites pressure a little, but I also have my team slightly more compact vertically. Unlike originally where I had opted this the wrong way around.
  6. Personally I want to avoid this. Firstly it goes against my OP where I mention I've only really got two strikers of a suitable level in the team (one who has been injured and only just returning) Also, I'd rather have a tactic where I know the fundamentals rather than just going all out and hope. I'd like to have a tactic I can continue to use in the future. Unfortunately at the moment I am at work so cannot continue with my experiment to make the other 2 visions in my head although it does give me time to try to think about the whole picture with the two, should the counter
  7. I might be wrong but a couple of attributes that could help. Firstly have you got options in the area for them to cross to? It might be that they just aren't seeing an option so go it alone. Early crosses as a TI might also help. In terms of the player. Good crossing and vision will help them and also check they don't have contradicting traits (cut inside could discourage the crossing part for example) Lastly the players around them, are they making good runs or moves in the box etc. Coild be worth posting the tactic as this will help people much better than
  8. I guess thinking about it as I'm torn between 3 styles, maybe I should make 3 different styles One where it is a fast back to front counter system One more possession based (this could be tough to score against too) One which I see as hard to breakdown. @Justified I'll be honest I looked at the CAR because of the idea of a B2B that worked between both boxes rather than getting in them and also to cover the LB runs forward but I guess the Stay Wide just makes it pointless if you aren't playing maybe a formation with no real wide players for example. So carrying
  9. Strength wise we have good leadership and decision making, also GK's have good communication and handling. I think this is where I struggle is my own identity. I think from being a West Ham fan, I'd like to see us play from back to front quite quickly (this would go against the lower tempo I know but I worry playing how I'd like being poor if we have poor passing and vision). I think defensively I'd like to be just smart, I'm not trying to play as a team that presses constantly as I don't know if I really have the players for it or the confidence in setting it up. I would much rath
  10. Hi All Long time since I have been here. To put it bluntly, my team are in a rut, and I'm hoping to get out of this before I lose my job (I hope), annoyingly when the rut started I lost my way and I think I tweaked my tactics to the point where I'm not even sure what I was doing. So firstly, here is my past results in December where the rut has escalated What worries me most with this is Wolves were close to me and played me off the pitch (20 shots to my 7, although on target was 8 for Wolves and 3 for me) Sheffield Utd were near the bottom of the table
  11. Hi all, is there a place where it would be good to learn a bit more about utilising scouting properly. I'll be honest, I've never been very good at finding good replacements at potentially cheaper prices and it really makes me struggle in the long run with the game. I just want to feel comfortable setting up my scouts to help me have a decent pool of players to scout further to find to improve a side further or find someone young to develop into a role in the future. Thanks.
  12. I think you're choosing the wrong role for what you want.. A DLP won't drop back into the back 3, the role that would fit this is the Half Back as that is part of his role description. (Just be aware I've seen people mention that when the Half Back does drop in to make a back 3, the CB's don't fan out very far so it is a narrow back 3, unless your FB's are actually in the WB position in line with DMC). Also you may have the wrong role choice for the AP, although I would also consider the player you are using, does the player in the AP role have any PPM's such as drops deep to get the ball as t
  13. Do you guys think this is a good idea? In the most recent FM's I've played 14/15/16, I've always struggled to either get going, or to just get into a game. So this time, I've tried to almost strip back, possibly to avoid old habits. So I've started fresh, tips I've seen from others of using notes and training players/tutoring players early from the start of the season by picking out those youngsters who I feel could become a part of my team is what I set first along with my pre-season training schedule. Next I've picked a formation, mentality and shape, I've left all the TI's blank
  14. Craig I'll definitely do one when I'm home and on the machine with the save. So should be up later this afternoon/early evening. Key players I find tough though, bizarrely a player that has made himself key to me is my Poacher, first season I had Sears who had probably a season I couldn't even have dreamed of scoring something like 30 goals, unfortunately he was injured right at the end and for the start of next season so I signed Dwight Gayle who has had a similarly successful season so far. However, I wouldn't say they are the key piece to the tactic, I find the major ones are LM/RM RB
  15. I'll probably start a proper thread to show the full system, problem is, I'm at the playoffs so don't have many games for the rest of the season. However, I can't see me losing my job whether I qualify or not as I'm performing above expectations overall, I'm just not perfectly happy as the team can be very inconsistent. My only fear is losing my best player if I'm not promoted. Luckily I'm not in the lower leagues I'm in the Championship and I could consider using close down more on the poacher of the two strikers and even possibly the supporting striker of F9/DLF depending who I'm using
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