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  1. I recommend Real Oviedo. I'm currently playing as them and really enjoying it. They are a bit of a fallen giant having played in La Liga in the 90's, and have a decent stadium. The club nearly went bankrupt in 2012 until many people from around the world helped out and bought shares into the club, and secured the clubs future. They start in the Spanish 3rd tier and have a really strong squad which should get you automatic promotion to 2nd division. After that the challenge would be to get them back to the top division on a tight budget.
  2. I happened to read an great article on Oviedo in an in-flight magazine this past week, which has got me inspired for an Oviedo save :-)
  3. Currently enjoying a Roma save. After 4 seasons with AC Milan winning everything I fell out with the new chairman and quit. After spending one seasons unemployed the Roma job came available so i applied and got it. Currently sitting on top of the table in first season with 10 games to go :-) This is what my team currently looks like: GK: Bergovic DC: Romangnoli DC: Gonzalez (newgen) DL: Oveido DR: Murru MC: Regoli (newgen) MC: De Rossi (35 now, still quality though) AMC: Otavio AML: V. Moses AMR: Lacazette ST: Destro
  4. Have just started my fourth season with Milan. Have won two league titles in 3 years, plus 1 Italian Cup. Am desperate to win the Champions league, and got knocked out by Real Madrid in the semi finals last season. Really enjoying this save and feel I have put quite a good team together. Hers my main lineup, 4-2-3-1: GK: Fernando Muslera (Signed from Galatasaray in 2nd season. Been an outstanding GK for me) DL: De Scigilo (Have managed to keep him at Milan despite constant bids from other clubs every season. One of the best Left Backs in the game.) DC: Dede (signed for 20 million from Cruze
  5. Have been using both these tactics with AC Milan. Won the league first season and runner up in the Italian Cup. However I found that i was conceding too often from free kicks/ corners , as there was nobody standing on the far post. Therefore I put my DM on the far post for corners/free kicks, and have found that I'm now conceding less goals from set pieces. Just starting my second season.
  6. Really like this tactic. What sort of training schedule are people using with this tactic? Is it best to allow my Assistant deal with training?
  7. This Tactic has worked superbly for me so far! Went from struggling in 13th to 5th place finish with Brighton, with around 12 games to go! Qualified for play offs, and then won promotion to the Premier League!! Thanks for this great tactic
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