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    Been playing CM/FM since late 90's. Favourite was 'Old Red Champ' of 01/02, played that way too much. Stopped playing as much in recent years, never even got FM 2012, my first since 2001. Looking to get back into it recently though, and really enjoying 2014.

    Bit of a tactical nut, but never had the patience to really get into the workings of Football Managers tactical engine, as much I would love to be able to. So now it's time to really start using this forum for ince and work out what the hell I'm doing.

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    Football, Boxing, Golf and a lot of Music.

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  1. Ah, okay, it continues to grow, excellent. You could finally just sit back and relax, leaving it exactly how it is and it'd remain and amazing piece of work. I've done stuff like this myself before, on this game and others, I've done quite a lot of research on past players and teams because I'm kinda like you in the way of wanting EVERYONE in haha. So if you ever need any ideas just let me know. I'm a big fan of foreign football, especially Italian.
  2. What sort of ideas do you have in mind for the update? Is it adding more full teams to the UK leagues or are you looking to build up foreign teams too? I'm more than happy to provide some suggestions with the foreign teams if you'd like and haven't already done so?
  3. Downloaded mines fine. Looks great, you done an amazing job! I'm having a problem with the facepack, some of the faces are all mixed up with the wrong people. Anyone know why this is? Also, quick thing I spotted, Walter Smith's nationality in it is English. Just to let you know. Cheers again!
  4. Brilliant. Good to see someone going for the likes of Morton and McPherson rather than the usual few from the 9 in a row team. Saves me doing it myself, ha. Looking forward to it, the whole effort looks great.
  5. Player Information First name: Chris Last Name: Hendry Nickname (optional): DOB: 18/04 City of Birth: Glasgow Nationality: Scottish Second Nationality (optional): Height (CM): 177 Weight (KG): 66 Favourite clubs (optional): Rangers, Roma Disliked clubs: (optional): Celtic Favourite personnel (optional): Francesco Totti Disliked personnel (optional): Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Rangers Preferred position: AMC Preferred foot: Right Preferred squad number:10 3 x Technical Attributes: Passing, Dribbling, First Touch 3 x Mental Attributes: Creativity, Determination, Work Rate 3 x Physical Attributes: Agility, Stamina, Pace 3 x Bonus attributes: Free Kick Taking, Long Shots, Technique Personality (highlight 2 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Adaptability Ambition Controversy Loyalty Pressure Professionalism Sportsmanship Temperament Preferred Moves (highlight 3 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Shoots With Power Tries Killer Balls Often Plays Short Simple Passes Gets Forward Whenever Possible Moves Into Channels Gets Into Opposition Area Runs With Ball Through Center Runs With Ball Down Right Runs With Ball Down Left Places Shots Curls Ball Likes to Round Keeper Likes to Try To Break Offside Trap Argues with Officials Likes to Lob Keeper Plays No Through Balls Dwells On Ball Arrives Late In Opposition Area Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble Stays Back At All Times Dives Into Tackles Does Not Dive Into Tackles Hits Freekicks With Power Runs With Ball Often Runs With Ball Rarely Shoots From Distance Avoids Using Weaker Foot Tries Long Range Free Kicks Cuts Inside Comes Deep To Get Ball Hugs Line Looks For Pass Rather Than Attempting To Score Marks Opponent Tightly Plays With Back To Goal Possesses Long Flat Throw Stops Play Plays One-Twos Dictates Tempo Tries First Time Shots Atttempts Overhead Kicks Knocks Ball Past Opponent Tries Long-Range Passes Likes to Switch Ball To Other Flank Ethnicity: Northern European Hair: Black
  6. [video=youtube;QPkLZeINhFM] Granted the first isn't the best example, he didn't have too many options there with my team being pushed so far up at that point and the attacker chasing the ball down, he may have caught it, but i'd have rather the GK booted the ball into Row Z than take a couple of touches and kick it into the middle of the pitch. That is the main problem with it though, his distribution of the ball when he's way out of position leaves me very worried. The second one i have no idea what he was doing. He ran all that way to knock the ball off the pitch when there was no pressure and we were getting a goal kick, yet when he was under pressure he took a couple of touches and kicked it up the middle of the pitch...
  7. Can someone help me stop my Keeper from being a total idiot? It's my biggest problem now that the closing down has been fixed. He's acting as a sweeper when i haven't instructed this, at all. He keeps coming out at least 20+ yards from goal to collect balls he doesn't need to, then he just aimlessly punts them up the pitch while i have an empty goal. It's just cost me my last game, what should've been a comfertable win ended 2-2, 2 shots 2 goals both directly from this. First one he runs away to the wing and punts the ball up the pitch, straight to the opposition and he just kicked the ball into the empty net. Then an opposition defender clears the ball straight up the pitch, going off for a goal kick to me, when my GK runs 25 yards to head it off for a corner! Obviously they scored from this corner, which was also the last kick of the ball. Doing my head in. He's just on default GK defend duty.
  8. I'm not having too much trouble with knocks, it's the long term injuries that's costing me. In the last 2 month i've had 3 torn hamstrings, a broken foot and a broken wrist just off the top of my head and all to very important players. Some of them two in one game. Thankfully i have a decent size squad this year, any other season and i was done for.
  9. Anyone else getting crazy backpasses? Had a few of these today. [video=youtube;0B-aGug0E3w] Not a great game all round, had to take my GK off 5 mins in then after that happens i pull it back to 3-2, before conceding a last minute equaliser.
  10. Yeah, i think i'll just wait for a couple of patches before i go back to playing this. Just been beating 5-0 by a far inferior team, that had 5 shots with 2 on target, while i had 14 shots. I conceded 2 identical own goals, a goal where my defender headed it straight to one of the opposition players right in front of my goal, a goal where my GK kicked the ball straight to one of the opposition right in front of my goal and the other was hit right at my GK, who thought he'd step out the way and let it go in. That's just one of many games like this and it's making the game really unplayable for me, unfortunately.
  11. My strikers keep getting the ball 2 yards from goal then turning and passing it. Is this a known bug or are my strikers just really, really stupid?
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