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  1. Go to Nasa and ask them to create you a supercomputer with 128gb of ram and an i19 9.47ghz processor. They're the kind of specs you need if you want to run FM these days.
  2. FM wasn't my primary reason for the laptop, I was just surprised that I couldn't run it on an i3 processor. I have wasted my money on this game. What kind of average person buys i7 machines? I bet an i5 could barely even run it. Such poor quality game making. The game is barely any different from FM2007, yet feels like I need a 10 x better machine.
  3. I play with only 5 leagues, the top league from the top 5 European nations. Still, this game runs slow as hell for me. It takes a couple of minutes just to process one day at times, which is ridiculous. Even clicking around the user interface is laggy and slow. I have an i3 processor ultrabook, a Lenovo u410 to be precise. This was a 450 quid machine, only bought a couple of months ago, yet I am nowhere near the specs to even run such a minimal amount of leagues. Quite ridiculous, really. I won't be buying anymore FM games, as i doubt it will be much better from 2014 onwards.
  4. Wondering if anyone has made a future transfers edit this summer? I don't like the generic summer edits which moves clubs and players around, so hoping someone has made this
  5. FM07 was the only time i've truly enjoyed FM. Ever since then it has felt more like a chore than a game
  6. Sorry if they have, I've looked everywhere and can't find one. By "future transfers", I mean it so Balotelli is scheduled to move to AC Milan in January 2013, rather than be at Milan at the start of the game. People usually make these updates, and I find them much more realistic, so I was wondering if anyone had made one?
  7. I only have FM13 on there, no longer desire it. Bidding starts in 999.. 998.. 997... 996... 995... 994... 993... 992... 991.. 990... 989.. 988.. 987.. 986.. 985.. 984.. 983.. 982.. 981.. 980.. 979.. 978.. 977.. 976.. .. 444.. 443.. 442.. 441.. 440.. 439.. 438.. 437.. 436.. 435.. 434.. 433.. 432.. 431.. 430.. .. 200.. 199.. 198.. 197.. 196.. 195.. .. 77.. 76.. 75.. 74.. .. 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. ..4.. 3.. 2.. .. GO¬!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I bought this game via greenman gaming as a downloadable game. Is there any way I can "sell" it or trade it in anywhere?
  9. Also, a guy in another thread said you get the same problem if you do it in England. I'm gonna have to test that to check it out, but if so it just defies the point of the editor in the first place. Why give us advanced options if it just breaks the game?
  10. I have the same problem, wish SI would fix this
  11. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of now. Kind of pissed off.. has SI purposefully done this so we can't create our own super-leagues? Seems kind of dumb
  12. Damn, that sucks. I really didn't want to have to load more than the one super-league division, as the game is a bit laggy on my computer, which is why I was trying to make this.
  13. Ignore, I figured it out. For anyone else who couldn't figure it out either, you go to each individual club and change their "based" nation to the relevant one.
  14. So I just recreate the CL, but with Luxembourg vs San Marino teams for example as you say?
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